Unpaid traffic fines:
- Call the Department of administrative practice of traffic police in your area.

- Get lost receipt of fines to the traffic police in your area.

- Call the bailiffs in your area of the office. Name name and address (if the debt has passed for penalties).
Learn unpaid fines can be made online on the portal "Public services" -
Sign up. Enter data: INN, home address, phone number, insurance number of individual personal account, etc. will Receive a letter in the mail with the activation code. The delivery time to two weeks. Enter the activation code on the website to complete registration. Find out information about unpaid fines in the section "fines". Find out information about the unpaid arrears (penalties) in the section "taxes".
Tax service
Sign up, enter your information: INN, name, region. Log in to your "personal Cabinet of the taxpayer". Find out information on debt transport, land and property taxes. Learn income tax (for Russian citizens).
Bailiffs -
1. Enter data: name and place of registration or passport data and INN, or the number of enforcement proceedings.

2. Find out information about the debt, about how her charge.
Paid services on the website "Verification of the debt.RF -
1. Check the debt on housing, traffic, taxes, alimony.

2. Find out credit history, the ability to travel abroad.
Paid services of the Service information and payment of traffic fines -
Find out about debt on payment of a fine. Information updated every day. The service is useful for eight regions.