Aries love, when to them show attention. Therefore, try to interest a man-Aries, making him a compliment. But keep in mind, a compliment must be sincere, because a man-Aries will not tolerate lies.
Sometimes, to seduce male Aries, quite frankly to tell him about your interest. That is, just invite him to continue the evening in an intimate setting, for example, you have or had in the apartment. Usually man-Aries appreciates such directness.
Oddly enough, but the man-RAM may work the opposite strategy: make you to achieve. The male Aries will happily engage in exciting competition for your attention.
Men-Aries love red, so revealing clothes or linen of this color great are pushing their sexual appetites. But most Rams will not tolerate pink. Yet they like to wear fur or leather. Overall, the Rams stand a woman dressed trendy and with a twist, but not cutting edge.
In bed man-Aries appreciates diversity. This concerns not only the process but also where it is leaking. So, many Aries are strongly turned on when intimacy happens in some unusual place. Despite his self-centeredness, Aries will never forget about his partner and in all circumstances I will try to give her maximum pleasure.
Erogenous zones for Aries are on the face, head. They love it when a woman easily comes to their hair, forehead, cheeks, lips and closed eyes, nibbling on earlobes.
If you want to not only entice, but also charm a male Aries, be independent, unpredictable and confident, but very feminine, romantic and passionate. In any case, don't run after him and especially don't try to patronize, but don't push him away.