Aries is a real man male. He is not afraid of responsibility for their actions, boldly goes to the risk, can easily take on the role of leader. And next to him, he wants to see a woman – sweet, gentle, and caring. Your femininity should be expressed in terms of character and in actions and in appearance. Gentleness and patience you will be able to get a lot from this sign.
Let Aries be the initiator of your relationship. You can tease a man, to provoke, to excite, put out, but the first step is to do it. Also Aries lover will be pleased to notice that his fiancee looks sexy and attracts attention, but it belongs to him.
Aries wants to have a not only a lover but also a friend. A big plus would be if you will begin to understand the features of the work or the Hobbies of men and can give him valuable advice. Or at least listen carefully while he describes to you your achievements and problems.
RAM depressing routine and predictability. Want to keep this man next to him – learn to surprise him. New emotions and experiences help Owen feel in the thick of things. No matter, will your surprise or not, in any case, he will bring something new to your relationship. Also feel free to show different sides of yourself. If today you feel like being naughty girl, and tomorrow unapproachable Queen, act. Your man will love to guess what you really are.
Be honest with your Aries. Tell him about your feelings, even if the conversation touches on such delicate topics as sex life, do not hide resentment, requests, communicate directly, and not in the form of veiled allusions. This will help you to keep warm and trusting relationship with this impulsive man for a long time.