To begin, decide who is to blame for your breakup. If the gap was caused by men, then return the RAM will not be difficult. In order to re-kindle in him the love, surround yourself with fans. This does not mean that you need to actually start a new relationship. Can just agree with someone of the friends that they get along. Then he will realize he made a mistake, and will try to recover your relationship. Preferably, the man-Aries heard in your address showered with compliments.
In case you have become the cause of the breakup, then things will be more complicated. Keep in mind that the Rams like to start all over again. Therefore, although small, but there is a chance. Try to talk to the chosen one. Say that very worried and love him. The main task is to regain the trust. Do not deviate from the target.
For man-RAM in the first place is the sincerity of the relationship. Therefore, if you notice that your relationship is slowly fading, it is not necessary to do hasty conclusions. It may be that your spouse's problems at work. Talk with loved ones, discuss the situation.
Male Aries are very emotional. They can be the first to apologize and will never give up in difficult situations. In addition, the rams are overly cruel, but I hope that you will be able to understand and forgive. Beside him they see a very feminine and sexy companion. At the same time, it needs to be strong and courageous.
If you want your relationship lasted not one year, remember a few rules. You should always be diplomatic, self-confident. Aries people like being surprised. Don't be afraid to change the style of clothing, to make surprises and gifts. In any case, don't taunt man-RAM and does not doubt in his men's abilities.