That your partner is an Aries, will tell you his incredible stubbornness. The representative of this zodiac sign can go ahead, and nothing can stop him.
Aries stands for justice throughout the world. It can extremely upset if a passerby disrespectful turn to the old woman or the stranger kicked the dog. And Aries with his usual fervor will try to restore justice in the sense of the word. In such minor details, which an elderly woman wedged in place, and the dog bit the man, he's go not be.
Aries childishly selfish. He puts their interests above all else and not even think about whether it. If Aries is hungry, then the whole company goes to a café, whatever plans may have been other participants. If I wanted to attend the concert, around are obliged to keep him company. If you make a RAM remark, he is likely to wonder, as he does not consider himself an egoist.
Even if Aries falls in love, it does not cease to be interested in other women. He enjoyed talking to you and flirting with them, however, remaining within the bounds of decency. In love, Aries demonstrates its sensuous nature, but with it he becomes very vulnerable.
Aries is open and trusting. This sign is not inclined to cheat. If he needs something from you, he just come and ask. His opinion indicates his nature is clear and open. Aries loves when you talk look them in the eyes.
You can select and features of the appearance inherent in most Rams. As a rule, their facial features are quite sharp: clearly defined eyebrows, a narrow nose, sharp cheekbones. The complexion is often bright, and the hair can give a bit Movement of the RAM clear and fast. There are representatives of this zodiac sign, leaning forward slightly.