The nature of man-Aries is independence, so it does not tolerate any fetters. Ropes can become anything you want, for example, the need to provide for the family or perform "marital debt". But this happens only in case of imposing anything.If your spouse is an Aries, create it, reminiscent of will. Want to meet up with friends? Not a problem, even a little distracted from the family's everyday life. Said a familiar woman a couple of standard compliments. Don't make a scene of jealousy, Aries it is important to feel in the "form", besides it is unlikely that these compliments will have a continuation.
Aries value independence and independence in women, but the leadership in the relationship recognize solely by themselves. Therefore, life together with RAM means its primacy in family matters. And it should be considered immediately – before you will be bound to its life.If you are a supporter of feminism, the Union with man-RAM is unlikely to be successful. But if you have a docile nature and are not opposed to the final word always remains with the husband, the marriage of Aries will be devoid of conflicts.
Aries is in dire need of understanding and moral support of its second half. So always be for the man-RAM the closest relatives and understanding person. It does not let him forget that you have character. However, to show character only when Aries your behavior is really forcing you to do it.
Men born under the sign of Aries, terrible owners. They will not tolerate infidelity of the woman and even light flirting with another man. So if you want your Alliance with RAM was strong and happy, this man should be your one and only. By the way, do not forget from time to time to talk to Aries about his uniqueness.