This Zodiac sign does not like predictability, including in women. Not for him the planning, analysis, calculations, monotony. In women he appreciates the enthusiasm, the willingness to make risky behavior. The man expects companion will always be able to surprise and amaze. With these ladies he is never bored, and life, he prefers to see time in bright colors.
Learn the man of Aries, remember, what situation, he responds angrily that he didn't like. This representative of the Zodiac prefers to live quietly, but his natural emotion often gets the better of him. So try not to provoke the RAM and to smooth out conflicts that arise. Behave openly with this man, he does not like intrigue and secrecy. If we suspect you of such dishonesty, a scandal that may lead to rupture of relations.
Aries wants next to him to see a real woman. If you are looking for a serious relationship with him, not try to be stronger than him. When Aries sees that a woman tries to assume the male role, he loses interest in her. This situation greatly hurt the feelings of this sign. In his understanding, the woman should be weak, soft and pliable. It assigns women the role of mother, friend and homemaker. Aries with pleasure will be the only money earner in the family, but will demand from your wife comfort in the house and taking care of him and the kids.
In a relationship with this man use tact and courtesy. Aries does not tolerate rudeness. He will connect his life with a woman cultured, knowing how to behave in society. So if you are counting on a serious relationship with a man, avoid vulgar behavior and rudeness.
Aries prefers that the initiative in the relationship fully came from him. For example, if you want to speed up the time of the first close location, use any methods of seduction, temptation and lure, but do not offer the man directly.
For Aries it is important not only external beauty but internal. Man appreciates women the ability to listen, understand and support him. He will always understand if you mean interested in him, a woman is going through in his words or just pretends that she is interested in what Aries says. He understands that a good companion can be not just a temporary hobby, but a companion for life.