Advice 1: How to behave with a male Aries

Man–Aries is very impulsive and irritable in nature. Representative of this Zodiac sign need a woman's soft but self-respecting as a person. A man loves when a lady obediently complies with his wishes. At the same time, Aries did not realize that she is trying to appease and then can do with it whatever you want.
For Aries it is important not only external beauty, but internal
This Zodiac sign does not like predictability, including in women. Not for him the planning, analysis, calculations, monotony. In women he appreciates the enthusiasm, the willingness to make risky behavior. The man expects companion will always be able to surprise and amaze. With these ladies he is never bored, and life, he prefers to see time in bright colors.
Learn the man of Aries, remember, what situation, he responds angrily that he didn't like. This representative of the Zodiac prefers to live quietly, but his natural emotion often gets the better of him. So try not to provoke the RAM and to smooth out conflicts that arise. Behave openly with this man, he does not like intrigue and secrecy. If we suspect you of such dishonesty, a scandal that may lead to rupture of relations.
Aries wants next to him to see a real woman. If you are looking for a serious relationship with him, not try to be stronger than him. When Aries sees that a woman tries to assume the male role, he loses interest in her. This situation greatly hurt the feelings of this sign. In his understanding, the woman should be weak, soft and pliable. It assigns women the role of mother, friend and homemaker. Aries with pleasure will be the only money earner in the family, but will demand from your wife comfort in the house and taking care of him and the kids.
In a relationship with this man use tact and courtesy. Aries does not tolerate rudeness. He will connect his life with a woman cultured, knowing how to behave in society. So if you are counting on a serious relationship with a man, avoid vulgar behavior and rudeness.
Aries prefers that the initiative in the relationship fully came from him. For example, if you want to speed up the time of the first close location, use any methods of seduction, temptation and lure, but do not offer the man directly.
For Aries it is important not only external beauty but internal. Man appreciates women the ability to listen, understand and support him. He will always understand if you mean interested in him, a woman is going through in his words or just pretends that she is interested in what Aries says. He understands that a good companion can be not just a temporary hobby, but a companion for life.

Advice 2: How does love Aries

Aries is one of the most persistent signs of the zodiac. If he's in love with someone, you will not rest until they achieve reciprocity. Sometimes he acts quite rudely that scare off potential partners.
How does love Aries
Stubborn Aries does not hide his feelings. If he is in love, it shows in so many ways. He speaks directly to his sympathy, gives presents and dates. Tries as much time to spend with his object of desire. Moreover, the representatives of this zodiac sign prefer not to waste time on romance. They want to have a partner, immediately and entirely.
Man in love-Aries tends to take everything under control. He's calling the partner every two to three hours to ensure that she does not commit any reprehensible actions. Representatives of this sign often forbid the partners to communicate with friends, family. They don't want to share his love with anyone, and require all the attention had been wasted on them.
Aries lover becomes generous, although it is actually quite stingy. He spends money on expensive bouquets, jewellery, branded items. To win a partner, he is willing to part with a large sum of money. But after Ovenu could think about the flow of largesse will be reduced or stopped altogether.
Aries is one of the most proud characters, he will not tolerate failure. If he feels that reciprocity is not achieved, the courting stops and goes, not waiting until asked to do so. Aries it would be better to suffer unrequited love than temper his pride. And due to the fact that the representatives of this sign are very impulsive, they quickly forget the old love, and go in search of a new one.
If the male Aries is in love, everyone will know about it. He does not hesitate to talk about your feelings to friends and acquaintances. Representatives of this sign are very confident and not afraid that someone will judge their choice. They also do not succumb to the parents and friends partner sometimes behave in a disrespectful and rather blatantly.

Advice 3: How to deal with Aries

Male-Aries – confident, proactive and determined, but sometimes too hot and irritable. Many of the qualities of his character attracted the ladies, but if you are not on a short-term affair, and long affair, you should know how to attract that macho.
How to deal with Aries
Aries is a real man male. He is not afraid of responsibility for their actions, boldly goes to the risk, can easily take on the role of leader. And next to him, he wants to see a woman – sweet, gentle, and caring. Your femininity should be expressed in terms of character and in actions and in appearance. Gentleness and patience you will be able to get a lot from this sign.
Let Aries be the initiator of your relationship. You can tease a man, to provoke, to excite, put out, but the first step is to do it. Also Aries lover will be pleased to notice that his fiancee looks sexy and attracts attention, but it belongs to him.
Aries wants to have a not only a lover but also a friend. A big plus would be if you will begin to understand the features of the work or the Hobbies of men and can give him valuable advice. Or at least listen carefully while he describes to you your achievements and problems.
RAM depressing routine and predictability. Want to keep this man next to him – learn to surprise him. New emotions and experiences help Owen feel in the thick of things. No matter, will your surprise or not, in any case, he will bring something new to your relationship. Also feel free to show different sides of yourself. If today you feel like being naughty girl, and tomorrow unapproachable Queen, act. Your man will love to guess what you really are.
Be honest with your Aries. Tell him about your feelings, even if the conversation touches on such delicate topics as sex life, do not hide resentment, requests, communicate directly, and not in the form of veiled allusions. This will help you to keep warm and trusting relationship with this impulsive man for a long time.

Advice 4: How to behave in bed representatives of the zodiac signs (male)

"So the stars came together" is not accidental. From the position and behavior of planets, much depends. It is proved that solar flares affect the mood and health of a person. What about men's temperament? To learn how to behave in one or another male sexually, it is possible, if you know the features of the horoscope chosen.

Aries (March 21 - April 20). Man-Aries unleashes your passion for your partner, like a volcano lava. The refusal of intimacy only egged the hunting instinct of Aries. Ruled by Mars, Aries sees sex as a battle of the sexes where it should certainly be a winner. Erogenous zone is the head and neck. Massage the neck or shoulders will cause the RAM purring like a cat.

Taurus (April 21 – may 20). Serious in their intentions man Taurus approach to sex as a result of the strong Union of love. The trouble is that he falls all in a row and every time loves sincerely with all my heart. Extremely gentle and timid in bed, Taurus expects the same affection from his beloved. Erogenous zone: the throat and the area behind the ears. Biting, stroking and other foreplay options Taurus takes on "Hurrah!".

Gemini (may 21 – June 21). Male-Gemini is rarely met classic sex. He is attracted by everything new and unusual. The snow Twins choose avanturistic, loving adventure, humor, and heart to heart talk (of course, after a night full of diverse pleasures). Sex for Twins only non-binding mutual pleasure, your soul they won't sell even for a moment of intimacy.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22). Men Cancers the impression of innocent children, for whom sex is a fun game in the spirit of "what do we do next?". It is impossible to show Cancer that you are inexperienced in matters of love. Above all, he valued good faith and confidence. It will excite a gentle words whispered in the throes of passion and stroking in the chest. Cancers also can not imagine sex without deep kisses, believing that without them, the act itself loses some "warmth".

Leo (July 23 – August 22). Man-Lion excites resistance in bed. He can deliberately cause the partner's anger in order to make amends gentle caresses. Curious to extremes, Leo will try to explore all the sexual needs of the partner, and embodying them in life, will lose all interest. Below the lion is not cold to you, don't let him take the upper hand in bed.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22). The man is the virgin, it is important to learn all the technical side of the process, but the sex is something out of the ordinary. Rather, it perceives sex as a need, like food. Bound emotionally, Virgo needs to be sent. The orgasm lady man-Virgo perceives as a personal achievement and will not tolerate simulation.

Libra (September 23 – October 22). Male-Scales remains a gentleman, even taking off his clothes. Therefore, any being indiscreet about sex (loud moans and a distinct smell of armpits etc) he perceives as an insult to his person. To the partner he treats it like he found the Holy Grail.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21). Male sign Scorpio just loves it when a partner comes an erotic tension. Possessing incredible stamina, he would pull ideal up until partner reach blissful ecstasy. Strategist and observer, Scorpio likes to look at intercourse from the side. Mirror and sex tape video very excite representatives of this sign. Erogenous zone Scorpion is a sexual organ, any oral sex guide a man in indescribable delight.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21). The Sagittarius man is a fountain of unbridled positivity. Even making love, he can crack jokes as if nothing had happened. Don't play in bed with Sagittarius hard to get, he appreciates women in the looseness and playfulness. Don't be surprised if Sagittarius will offer unusual places to have sex - all ordinary him quickly bored.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19). Male-Capricorn sex, but only if truly in love. Careful and frugal, Capricorn will appreciate every minute of intimacy, absorbing every word. Entering into a relationship with a woman, Capricorn prefers to own it fully, and he gives himself the property of the lady. Any hint that he's not the first and only alienate him forever.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18). Sex Aquarius loves surprises, whether it be a partner or nowhere holding a whip in her hands. Sex for Aquarius – sweet Vice, forbidden temptation. Rarely, but it happens that a man can cherish a woman without any physical contact, worship and love, Platonic love, and sleep with other, if only his fiancee was not tainted.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20). Sex with a man the sign of Pisces-imbued with romanticism. Before proceeding to business, he will achieve the appropriate atmosphere and mood. Often Fish like to have sex under erotic music or in the shade of scented candles. The man-Fish important constant physical contact, and if you are after sex, fall asleep in his arms – it will be the best gift and the highest gratitude for all the efforts.

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