The entire area of the speech therapy officeand is recommended to be divided into several working zones, differing in the target equipment.
Area for the correction of pronunciation should be equipped with three wall-mounted mirrors, special working tablets and with posters of color pictures to correct the speech defect.
Furnished area speech therapy officeand on the General underdevelopment of speech, should include tablets containing the stories and tales for retellings, colorful pictures to produce stories, riddles, crossword puzzles, nursery rhymes, word games and tasks.
Should be present in every speech therapy officee and educational area in preparation for the development of child literacy. The space of this zone shall be equipped with lined magnetic Board, a set of colorful magnets and a pointer, which is in the process classes can be, for example, a magic wand.
Be sure each speech therapy officee and the presence of area and individual speech correction. There should be a large oval mirror and underneath there is a poster with a picture of the major articulatory exercises, hourglass to control the time and toy voice recorder (most often it is presented in the form of a parrot), which the kid will be able to monitor the correctness of their pronunciation independently.
Area didactic, methodical and game support can be represented by a capacious Cabinet with lots of drawers and compartments for storage of educational material: textbooks for the correction of sound pronunciation, literacy, literature for overcoming General underdevelopment of speech, equipment for the formation of speech breath, play (toys, Board games, training cards).
In the area of technical training can be a bookcase, on the shelves which shall be placed a tape recorder, recorder, musical toys, cassettes with fairy tales and songs.
Do not forget the design of the speech therapy officeand on the working area of the teacher-speech therapist. It represents the Desk of a specialist in the boxes which are kept a log of attendance and examination of children by age group, speech cards, a portfolio of scientific and methodological achievements of the speech therapist, the weekly notebook features and various improvised trifle.
Needs in the speech therapy officeto attend and informative area for parents. It is recommended to place in the hallway leading to Sam 's office. This area should contain the tablets with the advice and recommendations of the therapist and information about the development and correction of speech in children.