You will need
  • - consultation of the district speech therapist;
  • - the direction of the preschool institution on PMPC (if you are on Commission directs POS);
  • - the documents.
If preschool had sent the child for psychological-medical-pedagogical Commission (PMPC), in advance find out the clinic hours. Prepare full package of documents, including an extract from the ambulatory card of the child, the opinion of the pediatrician and other specialists if indicated, and in accordance with the detected deviations in child development). Also submit birth certificate of the child insurance policy, the data of instrumental investigations (EEG, MRI, CT, REG), if any.
Go in advance examination specialists, often require the conclusion of a neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist and an orthopedic specialist/surgeon). The Commission, after examination of the child and examination of medical records, will make its decision. For a referral to the speech therapy group you must have a violation in the pronunciation of two or more groups of sounds, or the presence of diagnosis: NRO, ANW, FFNR, FNR in the logopedic conclusion. The Commission is entitled to determine the type of correctional institutions according to the profile of identified speech disorders.
If you decide to try to transfer the child in logopedic group, and in your city there is no district speech therapist, please contact your head of DOE, or to the institution where you are supposedly going to determine your baby. If the answer is positive and the possibility of enrollment of the child in logopedic group, independently pass pass pmpk. Also collect the documents and submit them to the Commission.
In the event of a negative response, you can try to define the child in logopedic work when logopunkt in child care centers. Submit your own application for PMPC. Direction for attendance at logopunkt if the answer is positive, you will be given the Commission. In a year you will be able to try to pass the examination for admission at speech therapy group, if need be.