Decide the placement of the stand. Better to hang it above the cabinets in the locker room or in front of the doors. Thus, useful information is always available for parents.
Fabricated stand of suitable material (usually plywood), make it collapsible, so that, if necessary, to increase or decrease the occupied area information.
Think about the substantive content of the stand, what kind of information you will post on it. Preferably, the presence of materials and reference material on the topics: "children's Rights", "the Advice of a pediatrician", "safety Rules for children and adults", "Duties of parents", etc.
Pay attention to the design of reference materials. Articles should be typed on a computer, in a font not less than 14 pins. Not using too complicated terms, information should be available. Add illustrations to articles.
Place data on personnel of children's institutions with addresses and contact phones. This will allow parents to receive personal counselling in case of urgent need. Information about children's groups, daily menu, daily routine – all important components of the parent area.
Place the stand in an interesting design decision, focusing on the specifics of companies. For example, create it in the shape of a locomotive with carriages. The article itself will be one of the trailers, and the circles of coloured cardboard glued to a sheet of paper - his wheels. Come up with an original edging trailers from colored paper.
Stylize the stand in the form of a tower, the roof of which you can use natural straw. In addition to informational articles, decorate the house with crafts, appliques and drawings.