Advice 1: How to make a study of the Russian language and literature

The study of Russian language and literature is primarily a work room where classes are held, extracurricular activities, and consultations. Well-equipped office is a necessary belonging of modern educational process. But every teacher wants his Cabinet were not only technically equipped but also cosy and beautiful.
How to make a study of the Russian language and literature
Equip the office with modern furniture and appliances. Better if in the classroom there will be several modern boards: marker, interactive and magnetic Board on which to write with chalk. Computer or laptop, printer, multimedia projector. The furniture should be modern and comfortable. Height adjustable school tables and chairs, comfortable and big wardrobes.
Take care of the lighting of the Cabinet. Light should be evenly distributed over the entire area of the class on the Board mandatory soffit. Windows better be equipped with blinds or shutters.
Follow the principle of practicality. Stands in the study should contribute to the effective understanding and memorizing the learning material should be directed to the formation of the visual supports in children. On the Board place the most relevant information: for example, the stands of the "Types of speech", "speech Styles", "Expressive means of the language" and others.
Make the benches removable. The material for these stands is changing, as necessary, or as the study of educational topics. It can be stands "in class Today" or "Russian lesson", "Preparing for the exam."
Decorate one of the walls of the Cabinet portraits of writers and poets. Now sold in sets of paradigmatic portraits for the registration offices. But you can use another style: select your favorite portraits of writers, print them on a color printer, to insert into frame and hang in a staggered manner. It's a very cute and homey.
Place the racks of books, textbooks, didactic materials, dictionaries, magazines.
Make a card file of teaching material. So you will be convenient to work with the material accumulated in the office. Of course, the basic material from a modern teacher is stored electronically, but those teachers who have been working in the school, rich, paper, didactic material: card, cards, games, cards, creative assignments, and more.
Decorate the office with live plants. They always create the atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Advice 2: How to decorate your office

All rooms, as well as people working in them, have an individual character. The main attributes that should be in every office is a Desk, chair, shelf or cupboard for books. Also the study can be an armchair or sofa for relaxation. To create a comfortable working environment necessary to properly execute the study, properly arrange furniture in it and everything you need for work.
How to decorate your office

1. Desk it is not necessary to place near the window, daylight can create glare on the computer monitor. It is better to install it in the place where the work will be the most convenient.

2. In addition to table lamp on the Desk needs to drop scattered on the light otherwise eyes will quickly get tired. Less tiring on the eyes the light is bluish, cool tint, so incandescent bulbs that give a yellow light in the office is better not to use.

3. A computer Desk should be comfortable, preferably with curved shape countertop. If the computer does not fit into the overall style of the interior of the Cabinet, you can install sliding partitions, or remove the job in wardrobe. Discordant modern computer with the rest of the decor of the office may, if the room is decorated in a certain style, for example medieval.

4. For productive work it is important to organize the workplace. On the table there should not be unnecessary items and papers system unit of computer and printer can be put under the table or on individual tables.

5. No less important is the choice of the working chair. The best option is a chair with a high back, which, in addition to the spine and supports the head. In the area of the loin on the back must be convex for supports, otherwise long seat will tire. It is also necessary that the seat height and backrest angle to be regulated.

6. Furniture should be selected in accordance with the style in which you plan to decorate your office. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the financial possibilities. The Cabinet can be decorated in a classic style with massive wooden furniture, bronze and natural leather coated chairs. No less popular today and a minimalist style, comfortable and functional, without any frills and frills in the decoration.

7. Important and colors of the Cabinet, as a rule, each person, depending on temperament.


Advice 3: How to make school benches

Each school stands play a very prominent role in the educational process. After all, these images students see on a regular basis, therefore, the information in them should be clear and interesting, and useful for students.How to arrange the stands so that they were valuable and from an aesthetic and educational point of view and also liked by the students?
How to make school benches
First of all, you need to decide how you will arrange the stands: on the subject of a specific subject either with a view to an audience that is engaged in the study (e.g., younger students).
If it stands, where it will be fed information on a particular subject, ask the relevant teacher to prepare the necessary and, in his view, the interesting information stands. Information must be useful to the teacher during the lessons, because the stands are a kind of visual aid.
The main decoration of stands will be drawings and inscriptions. Some of them can prepare professional artists. Please note that stands are made with an eye on long-term use, so it is important to think about everything to and from the point of view of style, available at the information stands, they were modern and cute.
On the stand dedicated to relevant subjects, it is possible to provide a place for a permanent mini-exhibitions of the best works of students.
Some of the information on the stands can be changed periodically. To do this, stick to the booths with special "pockets" which can be made of ordinary files. They will insert the paper with the printed material.
The information on the boards in any case should not be monotonous. Try to come up with headings that will interest students. For example, it can be heading "Interesting facts", "Inexplicable, but fact", "some numbers". Well, if part of information will be a little bit of humor.
Please note that the stands need to make, given the pupils ' activity. Because the paint is better to use water-resistant, and the material for booths to choose to wash and clean them is easy.
You can also order stands in firms of a certain profile, which gives you a ready-made boards, in accordance with your wishes. Such stands easily add information on a separate printed sheets.

Advice 4: How to decorate your office at school

The Director of the school assigns teachers to certain rooms. The duties of these teachers include the registration office and the maintenance of order in it. How it will be decorated office, depends primarily on the school subject. The second and third factors are the material base of schools and teacher's taste.
How to decorate your office at school
You will need
  • Paint, brushes, stands, tables, maps, plants, aquarium.
Before placing Cabinet needed to make a repair. This work is carried out in the summer. Responsible for the repair may be the staff of the school, invited workers, teacher. In good condition are the floor, walls, ceiling Board and furniture in the classroom. Such repairs do once a year.
Remember that the school office is divided into functional areas. Personal space of the teacher – his Desk. Board or media, which explain the new material and repeat passed. Desks for individual work of students. Most often the desks arranged in rows. But sometimes allowed more arbitrary landing. For example, in developing a system of training. Further there is an information area, which you can place over the Board and on the wall along the part. The space behind the desks to organize for a relaxing holiday. This is especially true for elementary school.
An important role in the design of the Cabinet is color of the walls. Choose shades of pastel colors, because they are less likely to strain the eyes. The abundance of bright colors can distract from the educational material and to bore the child. Green promotes concentration. Shades of yellow and orange tune in a positive way. Blue and blue calming. Red increases blood pressure and short-term performance. But it should be used in limited quantities.
Please note on the registration information stands. They can be placed themed on the subject material and General information. Common information includes a schedule, a list of birthdays of the month congratulations to the winners of Olympiads, etc.
Information on the subject should be stated briefly and in large print. In the offices of natural science it can be formulas, table of elements. In the offices of history and geography will be appropriate a variety of maps. In the language offices table with the basic rules. Well, if the information on the stands can be changed.
If you allow space and facilities, organize in the office area. It can be aquarium plants. For pupils to hang a flipchart or a piece of Wallpaper on which they will leave feedback. Of course, it can be obscene inscription. But if you are not afraid, you can conduct such an experiment. For students it is an opportunity of self-expression.
Useful advice
Connect to the registration office students. Brainstorm ideas and start to implement them together.

Advice 5: Styles of speech in the Russian language

For each area of social life characterized by the use of associated style of communication and writing. Knowledge of the styles of speech gives an idea of what language means you need to use in a given situation.
Styles of speech in the Russian language

The concept of style of speech

The styles of speech serve any sphere of human life, and therefore each style is allocated in two ways: communication and goal communication. The style is historically a system of language means and their organization in a particular sphere of human communication (public life): the sphere of science, official-business relations, campaign activity, verbal and artistic creativity, the sphere of everyday communication.

In the Russian language there are five styles of speech: speaking; fiction; journalistic; official; scientific. In General, all styles of speech can be divided into two large groups: conversational style on the one hand and a book styles of speech (artistic, publicistic, officially-business, scientific). All styles of the Russian language are characterized by their core functions, leading stylistic features and language features.

Conversational style

A conversational style is appropriate for casual conversation, because the purpose of it is communication between people. As in conversation it is not prepared in advance, the characteristic features of this style is the incompleteness of the expressed thoughts and emotions. In different eras conversational style had its own lexical and grammatical features, and the culture speaking it is possible to judge about the General level of culture of individuals, particular social groups or the nation as a whole.

The basis of conversational style are the neutral language, i.e. words used in all speech styles: family, to go, lunch etc. make up a Smaller percentage of spoken words (bryaknut, Dorm), vernacular (now this morning) and slang (kid, grandmother). The peculiarity of the syntactic constructions of colloquial style is the use of mostly incomplete sentences (Natasha home, he followed her.). In addition, the important role played by gestures, facial expressions, replacing a piece of information that could be put into words.

Book styles

Among the book there are four style of speech.

Scientific style is used in the field of scientific activities is implemented and, as a rule, dissertations, course, control and diploma works. The main feature of this style is consistency, clarity and lack of showing any emotions by the author.

Publicistic style is used not only to convey particular information, but also to influence the feelings and thoughts of listeners or readers. It is typical for presentations at various meetings, newspaper articles, analysis and information transmission. Journalistic style characterized by emotionality and expressiveness.

The official style is characterized by the lack of emotionality of the presentation, standardization and conservatism. It is used in the writing of the laws, orders, and various legal documents. The standard of writing is expressed in the writing of these documents according to the established pattern — pattern.

The art style is different from the rest of the book styles the fact that in writing his works, the author can use almost any of the above styles. And since literature reflects all spheres of human activity are used and colloquialisms and dialects, and slang speech.
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