First, make a business plan. Consider upcoming expenses and add to the amount of 15-20%.
Register individual employment entrepreneurship (SP).
When the documents are ready, start looking for a room for a private office. Watch room in office buildings, schools, kindergartens and educational centers, etc. Keep in mind that the Cabinet must be located in a convenient location, within walking distance from the metro or public transport. It is desirable that it is not located above the 2nd floor, otherwise the building must be lift.
For individual lessons you will approach a room with an area of 20-25 square meters. Once you sign a contract with the landlord, you will need to equip. Buy a table, some chairs, mirror, cupboard for textbooks, or notebook computer, you need to practice the toys and benefits.
Decide where will be the child's parents during class. You can invite them to wait in the lobby or directly in your office. In this case, buy extra chairs or armchairs.
Select hours. Many parents prefer to drive children to the teacher in the afternoon. Therefore, in order to attract more customers, announce discounts to classes in the morning. In the daytime, when many of the preschoolers are sleeping, you can take school-age children or work with adults. Practice on Saturdays, as some parents have the opportunity to bring children to classes only on weekends.
Think about how you will look for clients. Effective advertising methods are posting ads in the hallways, flyers in kindergartens, clinics and medical centers where there are no experts on speech disorders. Advertise your services on sites and forums for parents. Notify all friends that you open a private practice.
If possible, create your own website. This can be a business card site. Importantly, it was comprehensive information about you and your activities.
Renting a room will cost you 15,000 rubles per month. For the purchase of furniture, computer and textbooks, you will spend 40,000 rubles. Advertising in the form of printed products will cost 4000-5000 rubles.
The average cost of a half-hour individual sessions with a speech therapist ranges from 800 rubles, and the payback period of investments in this business depends on the number of students.