Of course, the environment in which the educational process is essential to achieve the learning outcome. And is an important component not only of the child's environment(school team), but the design of the Cabinet. Especially if this is the office of the initial classs.The kid just came to school from pre-school, where he was lovely, bright and craiva children's furniture. You need to decorate your office so to keep the continuity, and the transition from kindergarten was as calm as possible.
What to pay attention at registration of office of the initial class? First of all, for convenience.
The furniture should match the growth of the child. It is desirable that it could be adjusted for height. Well, if the class will be desks and chairs and more high, not providing the seats to the child during the lesson and could sit and stand. Kids still hard for 40 minutes to sit in one place. Purchase for office special massage mats for the feet. All this will help to maintain the health of students.
An important factor in the design of the Cabinet is aesthetics. It needs to be made in the same style. Everything must be thought out by the teacher: availability of useful information on subjects that are important and relevant quotes by famous people, beautiful illustrations. When making welcome use of yellow, orange, green colors, pleasing to the eye. Use various collection of plants(herbarium), models, etc. All of these elements will allow you to strengthen cognitive interest in children.
Can be included in the design of visual information items: posters, billboards, drawings by pupils about a healthy lifestyle(hygiene, traffic rules, politeness). This will help the teacher in carrying out educational work with students.
Well, if it is possible to arrange in the office living area. For example, to put the aquarium. It will benefit children. They learn to care for animals(fishes or turtles), and watching a beautiful aquarium with plants and water is good for their emotional state(kind of relaxation).
To the educational process to be most productive, you need good technical equipment. If the office is a projector, can be included in the lesson movies, slide show. Animated films can be enabled during the lunch break or after school. The primary school combines the element of play and learning activities. This must be reflected in the design of the Cabinet.