You will need
  • - stands;
  • - information block;
  • - themed drawings.
Area health is an important information point which aims to help parents to conduct a competent prevention of various diseases in children. Before proceeding to the design, find a suitable place. The area of health should be placed where parents expect their children to have the time to get acquainted with useful information.
An integral part of the area health boards. Make visual AIDS the two types. At one place the report on the activities carried out (photos from health day, a short content of the event, etc.). Other stands will be dedicated to important information. For example, in autumn and winter, we will remind parents about the need for the prevention of colds, and in the spring and early summer will be relevant information on protection from biting insects.
Pay special attention to the selection of information, taking the criterion of relevance, accessibility and clarity of presentation. After all, many parents do not have extensive medical knowledge.
Not less important role is played by the form of presenting information. Carved from scientific publications bulky articles, in small print, will not cause the parents great concern. And time is on their thoughtful reading they are unlikely to have. If you really want to area health in kindergarten benefit, please provide all necessary information in a reader-friendly form.
Come to this creative process. For example, instead of "Prevention of acute respiratory diseases in children in autumn and winter," say the article or the memo "a Strong immune system will win ARI". Write the names of bright color and large font.
Dry replace the theory of practical recommendations. Write what and in what sequence must do to protect the child from disease. The font size for helpful tips to choose a medium that information was clearly visible.
If space allows, place in the area of health information for children. You can even write nothing, just hang at the eye level of the child pictures in which fairy tale characters wash their hands before eating, brush my teeth, wash my face, etc. and a positive didactic effect will not keep itself waiting.