Determine the purpose of creating a psychological stand. It can be informational and educational work with students, or a pointer socio-psychological service in which you may wish to contact parents with children or teachers.
Consider the information that needs to be placed on the stande, on the basis of its functions. On stande-pointer must contain information about the opening hours of the specialist, his surname, name and patronymic, number of the Cabinet. Availability of photos. Well define and identify the types of psychological assistance, possible topics for the counseling. So standom the psychologist will mark its presence at school will call you to himself in need of help and willing to consult. Plastic pockets are the boards you can place flyers or business cards.
Outreach booth being drawn up, based on themes. It can be an aid in communication between parents and children, Proverbs about love, the consequences of drug use, anti-Smoking propaganda, ways to overcome shyness and tips for avoiding fatigue. Topics standand sometimes are developed by the pedagogical Council, chosen at the initiative of the psychologist or constructed from the questions of parents and children. Create constantly updated stand "the Psychologist advises," and next to him is a pocket for queries of readers. It is important that educational area was illustrated with photographs, posters and pictures, modern looking, colorful and contained clear information for those whom it is intended.
If the budget allows, leave the production of information boards professional firm. Quality area it is difficult to do manually, and proposals for such services are numerous. Experts will produce a functional stand with a colorful design, pick the right color. This information area will look solid and will last a long time.