You will need
  • Paint, brushes, stands, tables, maps, plants, aquarium.
Before placing Cabinet needed to make a repair. This work is carried out in the summer. Responsible for the repair may be the staff of the school, invited workers, teacher. In good condition are the floor, walls, ceiling Board and furniture in the classroom. Such repairs do once a year.
Remember that the school office is divided into functional areas. Personal space of the teacher – his Desk. Board or media, which explain the new material and repeat passed. Desks for individual work of students. Most often the desks arranged in rows. But sometimes allowed more arbitrary landing. For example, in developing a system of training. Further there is an information area, which you can place over the Board and on the wall along the part. The space behind the desks to organize for a relaxing holiday. This is especially true for elementary school.
An important role in the design of the Cabinet is color of the walls. Choose shades of pastel colors, because they are less likely to strain the eyes. The abundance of bright colors can distract from the educational material and to bore the child. Green promotes concentration. Shades of yellow and orange tune in a positive way. Blue and blue calming. Red increases blood pressure and short-term performance. But it should be used in limited quantities.
Please note on the registration information stands. They can be placed themed on the subject material and General information. Common information includes a schedule, a list of birthdays of the month congratulations to the winners of Olympiads, etc.
Information on the subject should be stated briefly and in large print. In the offices of natural science it can be formulas, table of elements. In the offices of history and geography will be appropriate a variety of maps. In the language offices table with the basic rules. Well, if the information on the stands can be changed.
If you allow space and facilities, organize in the office area. It can be aquarium plants. For pupils to hang a flipchart or a piece of Wallpaper on which they will leave feedback. Of course, it can be obscene inscription. But if you are not afraid, you can conduct such an experiment. For students it is an opportunity of self-expression.