On the main page of the official website of MTS specify the region in which you are located, then select the "Tariffs and discounts for calls". Using the calculator on the website calculate the best rate. To do this, specify in this field the approximate number of current mobile phone costs, the daily number of calls and send SMS messages, frequency of access to the Internet. Click "Pick up", and after reviewing the system rate, you can go to it online.
To switch tariffs even with the help of the online assistant. To do this, create a password of 6 or 9 characters, which must be at least one digit, one lowercase and uppercase letter of the Latin alphabet. Then send from her mobile a message to 111 with text 25 blank password. On the main page of the official website of MTS select the tab "Internet assistant" and enter in the corresponding boxes with your phone number and password. After that you will be able to change the tariff, following the recommendations of the Internet-assistant.
Another way to change the rate is to use the application "MTS Service". Type in your mobile combination *111 # call button (for smartphone *111*1111 # call button) and you will be able to manage not only tariff, but also to enable or disable multiple service options in the USSD mode.
You can also send an SMS with the code rate to the short number 111. To find the code, send to that number an SMS message with the text 6. If, for technical reasons, your request cannot be processed, the phone will be an answer, informing about this. In this case, the means for changing the rate will not be deducted from your account.
If you are used to replenish the account using special payment terminals, the tariff change will be possible thanks to the electronic assistant. Connect service free of charge, by calling 111 2163, then ask for a password by sending any SMS to the number 6262, wait for the response message with the password, and then click terminal category of "MTS Service".