You will need
  • Passport, or a computer and an Internet connection.
See the statement about changing the rate to the nearest customer care office (shop, etc.) of your mobile operator. Be sure to bring your passport or other document proving your identity. Office staff on-site will explain you all the nuances associated with the transition to another tariff: the service fee will be charged at the new rates, the cost of migration etc. If the amount on your account will not be sufficient to change the billing, you can immediately pay a co-pay at the cashier.
Call from your mobile phone to the service center and ask the operator to switch you to a new tariff. Prepare your documents — the operator will ask you to name the passport data. For subscribers of "Beeline" service center 0611, MegaFon — 0500, MTS — 0890. The cost of transport and other terms will explain to you the operator. To immediately switch to the selected rate, it is necessary that your account was a sufficient amount.
Use to go to a selected rate USSD commands, calls to special numbers, and other similar automated telephone services. To know a special number or USSD command find a detailed description of the tariff you are interested in on the website of your mobile operator all the necessary information for the transition will be written there. Just be careful — see the page of your region in different parts of Russia and the rooms may be different.
Change the used rate personal account online self-service for your mobile operator. If you are a subscriber of the network "Beeline" is the "My Beeline", subscriber of a network "Megaphone" help "Service-the Guide" MTS subscriber will need to use the "Internet Assistant"
Get or set the password for logging in the online system if you haven't done this before. Instructions for obtaining a password are on the login page of the online service. In the personal Cabinet, go to "Services and fees" or similar – the exact name depends on your operator.
Select from the list of available tariffs the one that interests you. The cost of changing the tariff will be specified immediately. Make sure your account has enough money to make the transition immediately. If not refill your account in any way. Click on the "Change rate" ("go to fare", etc.). On the next page, confirm your intention and wait for notification that the request has been accepted and executed. Notices should be sent to your mobile phone. In addition, to view the history of operations you can in the personal Cabinet.