Account for the provision of accommodation form 3-G was approved in December 1993 by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the account of this form from December 2008, for accounting purposes, illegal in connection with the RF Government resolution No. 359. However, some of the hotel upon receipt of payment for the provision of accommodation make this particular form.
Complete this form, printed pen with blue ink with legible handwriting. In the top left corner, you must specify the name of the hotel, its address and phone number. For this purpose you can use the print with typed text.
Arabic numerals, select the account number. On forms invoice form 3-G it is possible to stamp the numbers using a special device – the numerator. Write the date corresponding to the number and month of payment for accommodation. In the row index of settlement need to record the internal numbering of the settlement.
Next again, select the name of the hotel, if she has the stardom, indicate. Under the name in the designated lines specify the number of the room that was occupied by the guest, if necessary, the building.
The following table dedicated to the guest's stay at the hotel. Indicate in the second column all the services used by residents, including early booking of accommodation (specify the number of days, cost per day and per stay), telephone, refrigerator, dry cleaning, Laundry. The cost of each service and the number use multiply, add up all the amounts and write the final result. In the space remaining below, put a dash. Total write in figures and words. Signature.
Use kontrolno-cash technics, providing together with the form 3-G receipt.