Make in court the claim to be discharged out of your apartment residence. It is better to seek a competent lawyer. To evict with the housing person can be a troublesome business. You have to go to court one day. Consider conducting all of your business lawyer.
Consider a lawyer all the possible pitfalls of the claim. It is very important the history of the privatization of your apartment. Lived whether the evicted person with you at the time of registration of the contract on privatization? Perhaps it is the disabled person or minor child. Or it belongs to the heirs of the deceased former owners of your apartment, and have not yet declared their right to the apartment. Based on the history of housing, build their position in court.
Attach to the claim your title documents for this property. Collect all possible other written evidence of his position.
File a claim in two copies in the office of the district court. For this you need to pay the state duty. Attach the receipt to the claim. Before the scheduled hearing you residence will receive a summons to court.
The court firmly defend your position. If you decided to do without a lawyer, consider your speech in advance and prepare relevant rules and articles of laws. You will help Housing code of the Russian Federation, articles 1 and 31.
Write down the person from his apartment. For this you need to wait for the entry into force of the court decision on withdrawal of the said person from the register. Then you need to submit it to the district passport office.