Collect all necessary for the privatization documents. Make copies of passports of all registered in the apartment citizens older than 14 years, as well as birth certificates of children. To take part in privatization of all persons registered in the apartment, regardless of whether they are inscribed in the order sotsnayma or not. If the apartment was formerly a registered person, lost the right to use the court order or the deceased, prepare the appropriate judgment or a death certificate explaining the absence of the specified persons during the privatization.
Take the original documents on the basis of which was concluded Sinim of the residential premises. It can be: a warrant for the apartment, a warrant exchange or an extract from the order and prepare the contract of social hiring and the passport of the dwelling. Refer to the district on BTI and get my hands on a explication and a floor plan of the privatized apartments.
If one of the members of your privatization after 06.1991 was not permanently registered at the address of the apartment, confirm the fact that it preserved the right for privatization. To do this, take the extract from the house register from all places of residence of such person and a certificate of participation in the privatization of other public housing. If you use them earlier law on privatization, the person will not be able to participate in the privatization of your apartment. However, you need the consent of the person for the privatization of this housing.
If someone was in the apartment of persons refusing to participate in the privatization, will receive the person's written and notarized waiver. Take in the passport service of your district extract from the house register on privatizarea apartment.
If there is a discrepancy in name, surname or patronymic of the same person in the collected documents to add to the packet evidence of them changing personal data, such as a certificate of marriage.
With all the collected documents come to the Department of Housing Policy and housing of your city, and write an application form for privatization of apartments. Must be in the Department and to Express its consent to the privatization of apartments in person all registered persons. For minor participants of the privatization of the Express consent of their representatives, the parents or the guardianship. And it was citizens that do not participate in the privatization of the apartment also needs to Express its consent to the privatization of the housing for other registered entities.
In due time, after receiving from the Department the instrument of transfer of property to citizens of this apartment, register his ownership in the Management of Federal Registration service (FRS) in your area. Grant in the FRS signed an agreement on privatization of the Department's technical passport TIB on the flat and a receipt for payment of registration fee. Within one month, the specified apartment will be decorated in property of persons involved in privatisation.