You will need
  • the receipt the ATM, a plastic card or banknote
In order to pay the bill for electricity, you must obtain a receipt for payment, or to know your account number and the amount of debt (the latter is optional).
If payment will be made via credit?? cards for first, insert the plastic card into the ATM, then dial the pin code and select the corresponding operation. Payment for electricity is usually located in the section utilities. Next, to choose a energy saving company that services your home. Next, you need to bring the receipt to the beam reads the barcode with a receipt (if the ATM is equipped with this feature), if this not an option, then dial the account number in the appropriate field. The account number is also reflected on the receipts. Next on the ATM screen to appear is the amount of debt for payment, you can accept it or choose a different amount. After click "pay". Next, you need to wait for payment receipt. If the payment is made with credit card, then you should receive two receipts, one after another. The first check indicates the transfer of funds from the card account, the second payment services.
If payment will be made in cash crestlinehotels to select the operation for electricity, choose energy saving company, to enter the account number or use the barcode beam. Next, either accept the amount or you can key in a new amount to pay. Then click the "pay" button and enter the ATM banknotes. Then wait for the cheque payment services.Difference in pay credit card bills lies mainly in the fact that "live" money can't make whole amount "to the penny", the ATM does not surrender, a credit card, you can make sure that the amount shown on the receipt.