You will need
  • For the first version release:
  • computer;
  • program Nemesis Multi Flasher / (Nemesis Service Suite);
  • - program to unlock your phone, such as Nokia Unlocker 1.0 beta2;
  • phone;
  • - USB cable.
  • For the second option unlock:
  • computer;
  • program JAF by ODEON 1.98.62;
  • emulator for JAF3;
  • - program to unlock your phone, such as Nokia Unlocker 1.0 beta2;
  • phone;
  • - USB cable.
With the help of USB cable connect your phone to your computer. Open Nemesis Service Suite. In the upper right corner of the display press the icon-the magnifying glass. Go to the tab Phone Info. Check whether you have closed the program PC Suite. If not, then close it. Otherwise, Nemesis Service Suite will not work. Now click Scan.
Tab Permanent Memory. And tick the box next To File and click the Read button. The computer reads the information and stores the result of reading in a file with the extension .pm. If you do not specify a different save path, then by default, the computer saves the file on C:\Program Files\NSS\Backup\pm\. The file name is the IMEI code of your phone.
Open the software program to unlock your phone, for example, NokiaUnlocker. If this program is not suitable, to find you on the Internet. Select the file that you have saved in the previous step, with the extension .pm. In the window "security code (Security Code)" you will see your password. The phone is unlocked! Below is the window "the Password(s) to the memory card". If you have set a password on the memory card in the phone it should be visible in the window.
There is a second version release, which you can use. Turn off your computer, all programs in your phone. Install the JAF by ODEON. Create a folder. Put the program and the emulator, which you can find on the Internet. Throw this folder in any folder program Nokia Unlocker or other software to unlock.
Connect your phone to the computer. Open the emulator. Run the program. To do this, click on the "GO" button. The program is running.
Select the tab BB5. Select Read PM click on Servise. In appeared window enter the number 0. Click "OK". In the second box enter the number 500. Also click "OK". Select the folder in which to save the file with the information. The process of reading the data can take some time. Wait for it to end. Signal that the file reading is completed, the word appears to be DONE.
Now close the program and open JAF Nokia Unlocker. Then proceed in the same way as in the first embodiment, the unlock. Open created using JAF file. In the pop-up Windows "security code (Security Code) and Password(s) to the memory card" you can see your passwords. The phone is unlocked.