Take your cell phone that requires a code to unlockand take it with all available documents to the service center specified in the warranty card or any other service for repair of mobile devices.
If you contact the service center there is no time or he is very far from your settlement and getting there is difficult, try to determine code unlock on their own, and to do this, perform the following steps. Make access to the Internet. Download special software that allows you to retrieve the lock code on the mobile phone, and crack to it, if available. Don't forget to download and work with the programs to check their antivirus to the malware.
Install the downloaded app on your computer or laptop. Install crack program in the appropriate folder.Connect mobile phone to computer via USB cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (depending on model of phone).
Turn the phone on. Remember: the phone must be enabled, otherwise connect will fail.
Run the installed on the computer program to determine the lock code. Select Virtual USB device in the window that appears. Such a clause exists in almost all modern programs of this sample. It allows the program to connect to your device.
Perform each operation, which will require the program. Eventually she will have to determine and display on your screen code unlock your mobile phone. Enter the code on the phone in the query window.