Modern medicine vs age spots

Before starting to develop methods of dealing with pigment spots under the breast, you need to establish the nature of their origin. The appearance of dark circles on the skin may indicate a malfunction of the adrenal glands and sexual glands, lack of vitamin C. In this case, you must pass the examination by experts. The cause may be sloppy use of cosmetics, excessive Solarium, and sunbathing. Hyperpigmentation often occurs on the background of stress, bad ecology.

Against pigment spots under Breasts there are many methods. For example, you can enjoy non-invasive procedures like mesotherapy, phototherapy, chemical peels. Each of these methods has both pluses and minuses.

After phototherapy, which is based on exposure of the skin of high-energy stream of light, you may be hypersensitivity and swelling of the skin. When you use laser therapy you should be within 3 weeks to exclude the sun. For the prevention of hyperpigmentation eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Use high quality and tested cosmetics.
Regularly do whitening mask, especially if your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation.

Folk medicine against age spots under breast

Lighten the sensitive skin at the neck you can use fresh cucumber. Grate it on a fine grater and squeezing the juice, apply on the problem area of skin. Repeat this procedure every day.

To get rid of brown spots under the breast will help the clay mask. Mix the clay powder with water, add to the mix a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Means apply to the skin after 15 minutes rinse with water.

In fighting age spots will help the flour. Mix rice and wheat flour in equal proportions (approximately 2 teaspoon), add 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and same amount of honey. The mixture apply on problem skin for half an hour.
Honey is a strong allergen, so use it with caution.

You can also borrow an effective tool the Japanese geisha, because they are famous for their pale skin. To achieve such a complexion helps them lemon peel. The peel of the citrus put in an enamel pan, pour a small amount of water. The broth cook over moderate heat for about 30 minutes, after boiling capacity remove from heat, let cool. Three times a day, wipe the skin with the mixture.

In addition to the above the popular ways you can RUB the skin parsley juice or sour milk.