You will need
  • — the statement;
  • — receipt of payment;
  • — resolution;
  • — cadastral documents;
  • — passport;
  • — the documents concerning the commissioning of the house (if buying a plot obtained in the course of the auction).
If the right of free privatization once you've used, the transmission of the land property you will have to pay for it.
To redeem municipal land to apply to local Executive bodies. Present your passport. When buying land, which are leased, you must present a rental agreement, the cadastral extract of the land and copies of all documents.
Within 1 month the administration will make a decision on the transfer of land from the rental property. The document will indicate the amount for which you provided the land.
Pay a specified amount in the nearest Bank branch, which accept payments from population, submit a photocopy and original receipt to the authorized representative of the local authorities.
Contact PPRC. Complete the application, submit all the documents and photocopies. After 30 days you will become the owner of the redeemed community property.
If you have never exercised their right to free privatization of municipal land, present a certificate to local authorities, the passport and application and the cadastral extract on the land. On the basis of the submitted documents, you will be given a resolution on the transfer of land into ownership free of charge.
If you purchase a plot of land obtained in the course of the auction, then you will give 2.5% of the cadastral value. To do this, you must submit all documents on entering houses in the operation, passport, rental agreement, which you have made after participating in the auction.
On the basis of these documents, you will receive a decision with the specified value of the land that you need to pay and present the receipt and a photocopy of the payment.