To rent the land for the construction of the houseand can be as specific private owner, the landlord, and the state. If you are going to take land in lease from a private individual, make him a notary contract for the lease. This agreement concluded in written form, identifies the leased land and the period for which he is dealt. The possible conclusion of an agreement for an indefinite period. If the agreement has a term of more than 1 year after the transaction, register the agreement in the Unified state register of rights for real estate and transactions with it.
The contract clearly list the information about the area: its location, the area, a unique inventory number. If a clear definition of land allotment in the contract is not given, the document may subsequently be challenged and deemed not concluded. In addition it is desirable to have information about the amount of rent and method of payment. The size of the lease can vary, but not more than once during the year.
If you plan to rent land from the state, contact the relevant Department of the Executive bodies of local self-government. To refuse to issue the selected plot of land you can, if it is preserved, withdrawn from circulation and destined in the future for certain state and municipal needs.
Plot to build a houseand it is possible to obtain, with the approval of finding to plan on a land allotment of your building project, and without this approval. If the house is not agreed upon in advance land lease may be offered to you according to the law, only at an auction.
If the necessary alignment you have, then you need to write to appropriate services (district Council or another local authority) a request to grant a specific plot of land. Will be carried out a certain work, put on put on the cadastral account, and the applicant, in writing, give an answer about the possibility of a certain land, according to the statement of rental use.
If the decision is positive, sign a lease and register the document. And if you have been denied land – the right to appeal this in court.