First of all, select the body of water. Rate it capacity, location, technical facilities, ease of access roads, the adjusted system of sale (if you plan to sell the fish), proximity to and remoteness from settlements. Note that to take the rent can only be a small pond, and only for certain purposes, e.g. for cultivation of fish in rabotayte.
Next, you need to contact the appropriate state Agency. The decision on granting of water object in use is taken at the level of the owner of a specific water object. It may be in Federal property, property of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, municipal property.
First, a prospective tenant should contact the administration of the municipal formation, where it will redirect to the address. Usually the selected area of the reservoir exposed on the auction, which is conducted by officials. As a rule, the applicant alone waiting for the end of the auction, after which you can proceed to the next stage.
Then you need to issue the right to use the water body. Such water use agreement authorizing the use of the reservoir for recreational purposes, e.g. for resting on the water. The deadline of granting of water objects in use under the lease may not exceed 20 years. Not required to enter into a contract for the implementation of navigation, fire safety, fishing, hunting, meet the needs of household farms, bathing and other personal needs. The contract drawn up free of charge, however, for the use of the pond will have to pay a certain amount.