You will need
  • - copy of the topographic plan;
  • - notes on absence of encumbrances and "red lines";
  • - the statement in local administration.
To obtain land, first order in the municipality or the administration of the settlement, where is located the desired area, with a copy of the topographic plan on a sheet of A4 or A3 scale 1:500. The copy is called the reduced image of the territory with the land.
Next, write a statement for ascertaining the encumbrances on the land to which you made the copy. Under the charges refers to legal rights on the land of others in the form of the right of ownership or lease. As a rule, clarification of the charges takes about a week time. If the plot don't expect the other person to the copy is properly stamped and you can proceed to the next stage of the land – the discovery of "red lines".
To do this, write a statement verifying land on the "red lines", that is, factors that prohibit construction. Such factors could be roads, pipelines, etc. In the absence of prohibitions on constructionon the copy put a note or will be issued an appropriate certificate.
After the preliminary collection of documents authorizing the construction, write a statement to the local administration on the granting of this land for individual housing construction. Attach to the application all the previously collected documents. The Commission, created by the administration, once again check the documents and if everything is in order, will give the advertisement in a local newspaper about the auction of this stretch of land.
Alas, without an auction is not enough, because under the Land code, all land plots under construction definitely will be realized at auction. After the auction, if you manage to buy a plot at the highest price or not other applicants, the land becomes yours. First, the rights of a three-year lease, for which you need it to build something, and then the rights of ownership.
However, you can buy land not in the city administration and a private person, the owner of the land, after checking the documents for proper clearance.