First, you must contact that city, in which territory you want to build a house. There you can order a copy of a topographic plan, showing the free and busy areas. In most cases this map is printed at a scale of 1:500.
Once you have chosen your land, you must submit a statement to indicate the presence of the owner to the territory. This procedure takes several days. In that case, if the site is free, you can move to the next stage. If not, you will have to repeat the previous steps.
Now you have to write another statement to the administration, which will check the selected area to the possibility of building residential buildings. The fact that this site can pass the pipeline will be located or other dangerous objects. If everything is OK, then you have the plan should be two marks: the site is free, the construction is permitted.
The following statement in the administration will address the issue of the possible construction of a private house. Along with this paper you must also submit a topographic plan with positive marks and other certificates issued to you. In most cases, the decision will have to wait a while, since the administration needs to coordinate such actions with the Department of real estate. Once the permission is granted, the land will be auctioned, will be reported in the media.
Within a month the administration is going to applications from those wishing to purchase this site. If any, you will have to compete with them and buy land according to the bidding rules. Otherwise, you get selected the land lease for three years. during this time it is necessary to carry out construction works. Only at the end of the time you can get this land.