But if you are just beginning to use this social network, you still have a lot to learn in the process. For example, on how to view marital status Vkontakte. If you are interested in a person's completely open page, then just look at the top of the page in the basic information. Marital status is in the basic information after the date of birth and hometown.
The meaning of each status in the family position clear at once. However, if the graph says: "married", it means that you are interested in the user or actually married, or thinks he has strong relationships and can be called their "soul mate" husband or wife. In the graph can stand as "found", "love/love", "boyfriend/girlfriend", "engaged/engaged", "it's complicated." They indicate that a person has relationships, developing one way or another, about which he informs the other members of the social network. Also the fact that people are free, or relatively free, say these statuses in marital status as "single" and "not married."
In some cases you will see next to the status the marital status of the name, who is this person in relationships. Sometimes it can be a mutual status, and no. In other words, to inform about the relationship and one of the pair, while the other is a status. This feature, by the way, appeared only recently and some time ago it was possible to put the information that you are in a relationship with someone, just the two of us.
But there are cases when you are interested in the person exposed to such privacy settings that you can't see the information you need. But really nothing can be done about it? It is actually possible due to the old tricks. Actually, this is not the only thing that can be viewed in this way.
To do this, go to the developers website or Password and login is the same as and DeviantArt. And in these websites you will be able to see any information you need, including marital status.