You will need
  • check on the website "Vkontakte".
Go to your profile page on the website "Vkontakte", if you are registered there. To the left of the main photo page (avatars) you can see the list of options. Select "My news". Hover over it and click the left mouse button once. You opened the list of news that is constantly updated.
At the top of the page on the right side locate the "slider" signed "all news". Moving it left and right you can adjust the number of news from zero to one hundred percent. The larger the percentage, the more news you see.
At the top of the page, find three options: "news", "answers" and "comments". If you click on "answers", then go to the news page, which will tell you about the comments of other users on your page, those who clicked "like" next to your photos.
Next, click on the next option. You will see the news posted on your friends photos and those photos where they pointed.
Select the next option "recommendations". Here are collected various news from the pages interesting to users of the site, with popular groups and communities.
Click the following button "updates". Here you will see information about who added your friends and what groups they joined and added photos and video of your groups.
At the top of the page to the right of the button "update" click "comments". Here you will see the answers to your questions and comments in groups to which you belong. Also you can search you are interested in news. To do this, click "news" in the upper left corner of the page, and then click "search news" in the upper right corner. In the search box and enter the desired word or combination of words describing your search.