You will need
  • Computer with Internet access, an account in the network "Vkontakte".
Log on to your Facebook page using the username and password.
Look under your photo for the string "Edit page" and select this item. You will open the editing window of the data that you specified in your profile.
Select the General tab. At this point you can specify your date of birth, kinship with others, religious, political opinion, place of birth and that for us it is important, marital status.
In the box to the right of "marital status", choose one of the above paragraphs.
In that case, when you chose the option other than "single" and "not married" ("not married"), you will have the opportunity to choose the man whose name will cost you in the "family situation". To do this, click the pointer on the box located to the right of the one you have chosen the type of family situation. You will see a list of all users of your opposite sex. Select the one you want. Click "Save".
Your new family situation will take effect after you have chosen the user will confirm that you are with him in these relations. He can do it, having the operation similar to that described above. In that case, when you are choosing a user from the list, the changes will take effect in full immediately.