Advice 1: How to find marital status

Change privacy settings of information on the pages of users in social network Vkontakte is some basic information became available to users of the site who view other people's ID. This complicates one of the social networking functions explore. It is now closed on page does not display this option as "marital status" and can see him only adding a person as a friend.
How to find marital status
The first thing to do is exactly copy the name the person is interested in and select from the top menu of the social network Vkontakte the link "Search". In the download box in the right column, select "people" and insert the name and the person's name in the search bar, then press "Enter".
If you know other information about the person such as date of birth, hometown or education, enter these parameters to weed out other users with the same name and surname. In any case, be guided by the avatar.
Now, when the user is found in this list in the right menu, find the category "Basic" and select the gender of the person, and then in the drop down menu "Any status" to sort out each of the possible statuses of "family status". As soon as the right person will appear in the list, you know – this man now this is the status of "family status".
If you are interested in people, not in the same category, then the parameter "marital status" is not set to his or her page.

Advice 2: How to know the man is married or not

Marriage or its termination are fixed by the Registrar in special books of civil status, as is the corresponding mark in the passport.
How to know the man is married or not
You will need
  • - passport details;
  • - the statement;
  • - authorization to submit the request.
Documents confirming the fact of marriage or dissolution of marriage is the certificate of marriage or of dissolution of marriage issued by the territorial bodies of the registry office.
Ask the person to present a passport, which must be entered in the relevant stamp the marriage or the termination thereof. Also the main document that certifies membership in the bark or its termination is the certificate of marriage or certificate of divorce.
Ask neighbors about a particular person. As a rule, hide marital status, living together or, on the contrary, razehalis, very difficult. Having listened carefully to stories about the life of a person, you can learn many details.
Please contact the Registrar's office at the place of residence of the person, if you are sure that the marriage was or was terminated there. But keep in mind, marriage may be on the territory of Russian Federation and has no reference to the place of residence. Also, if the couple divorced in court, then the marriage will be considered terminated from the date of entry into force of a court decision, and it may not yet be recorded in the Registrar's office.
But the Registrar's office, as well as the housing Department, are not required to disclose information deemed confidential to the individuals. This information is given to the requests of the relevant authorities or by court rulings.
Contact the police and write a statement saying that the man is hiding from paying child support or paternity. It will be the basis for initiation of proceedings and permission to submit appropriate requests for the establishment of the marital status of a person.
Hire a private investigator who has the authority to submit requests to various authorities, and who will carefully collect all relevant information about a particular subject.
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