The first thing to do is exactly copy the name the person is interested in and select from the top menu of the social network Vkontakte the link "Search". In the download box in the right column, select "people" and insert the name and the person's name in the search bar, then press "Enter".
If you know other information about the person such as date of birth, hometown or education, enter these parameters to weed out other users with the same name and surname. In any case, be guided by the avatar.
Now, when the user is found in this list in the right menu, find the category "Basic" and select the gender of the person, and then in the drop down menu "Any status" to sort out each of the possible statuses of "family status". As soon as the right person will appear in the list, you know – this man now this is the status of "family status".
If you are interested in people, not in the same category, then the parameter "marital status" is not set to his or her page.