Advice 1: How to go to another website

Despite the fact that a user voluntarily posts personal information on the Internet, he has the right to want her safely. This is why the social network VK has developed a complex system of authorization of users – now even view personal page for another user can not everyone.
How to go to another website
The easiest way to be admitted to the page to become a subscriber. Once you have sent the user a friend request, regardless of his reaction you will be entered in the list of Followers, access rights of which are different from casual visitors. In most cases, the subscriber has access to most of the content. Obviously, with the approval of the application and set the status to "Friend" you get even more options.
If the user has added you to the black list, just leave from the social network (you can do this by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner and selecting log out). Since then, you can view pages of users that are not passing the authorization: the left will display a field for entering a username and password, right – personal data. However, the user has the right to block the way of viewing. In this case, the only possible way will be a viewing from someone else's page.
Please visit This is the official project of Pavel Durov, he doesn't use private user data. To log on to the website using the same username and password to log on to the VK, however, when you view other people's pages you get the benefits of: full view the history of statuses and openness of photos with the user to partially open pages. If the user has set the maximum level of protection, you can see his avatar in large size, date of birth and marital status.
Use direct links to access individual parts of the profile. Thus, the user can prohibit viewing of the pages, but not to block access to the "photo Albums". Then, if you manage to find the direct url of the page with photos, you can enter it in the address bar and browse all page. Similarly is the case with videos and notes.

Advice 2 : How to unlock the page Vkontakte

To unlock the page Vkontakte, you need to know the reason for blocking. Usually one of two locks: - lock the account or IP blocking by the moderator of the network;- account suspension virus.
How to unlock the page Vkontakte
You will need
  • To unlock the page will need a computer, access the Internet and a small knowledge of computer specifics.
If the page is locked by a moderator, you should write him a letter asking to clarify the reason for the blocking and ask to unlock the account. Must respond within one month. No response has been received write again. If the response has not been received - wait no more follows page no unlocks. You can try the second method.
If the page is blocked by IP, just to change it. One IP is dynamic - no problem. If static IP, you have to use special programs anonymizers. Service program to change IP to any selected.
If the account is blocked by the virus, the situation is more complicated. The course of action will be like this: enter IP address of on a page, enter your username and password and go to your page (works in 90% of cases, if not blocked IP).
Remove a virus that blocks access to Myspace. From the computer navigate to the installation directory of the disk C/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc. Select the file "hosts". If the file is hidden, then in the settings folder, you must mark the option "Show hidden files and folders". Using Notepad, open the file "hosts". In the opened document, remove all the entries located under the line " localhost". Next, check the startup programs: start – Run – write in the line "msconfig" - OK, go to system configuration, then in startup. Better yet, all the programs from startup remove. Restart your computer and scan the system for viruses.
If the method of paragraph 4 does not help - re-open the file "hosts" and see, edited or not. If the revision is not saved, you will have to edit again and in the file properties uncheck "read-only".
If you do not help step 5 - try to do the same manipulation as in step 4, when you boot operating system in safe mode.
The most extreme case – recover the operating system using a restore point or reinstalling it.
When you lock a page Vkontakte virus in most cases show a banner containing the notification of the need to send SMS to unlock the access. Never send this kind of messages. This is a deception, for which, strictly speaking, is meant a virus. By sending an SMS, you will lose time, money and good mood, and the result never get.

Advice 3 : How to restore a page Vkontakte

Can't go to your page Vkontakte? Carefully check the spelling of username or password. If all data is correct, most likely you got hacked. Or page was blocked by the website administration. In this case, instead of the main photo displayed a rather ugly "face". Don't despair: all is not lost. The page can be restored.
How to restore a page Vkontakte
You will need
  • - computer (or phone) with Internet access;
  • phone with number, which was specified when registering on the website,
  • - your login page.
  • - the new password.
To start, you need to go to the page of the website at: http//vkonakte.EN/restore. Here you will be required to enter your data: e-mail address, username or the phone number attached to the page. If you all are correct in front of you in a small "window" will open the image code, that further work must be entered in the empty field. Be careful! Make no mistake! Enter the code as it appears. If letters and numbers are entered correctly, you will see the page which you need to recover. To "know" it can be a personal photo, name, surname and place of residence. If what you see your data, feel free to click on the window that says "Yes, this is the right page".
If you do not remember your username or "name" of the box, take the opportunity to restore access to the page by its address. For this page select the bottom link that says "click here".
You will see the page to which you want to restore access. Here, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire form where you must provide a phone number (old and available), e-mail and other data.
If found, the page does not match the desired query, click to the right of the page, around pictures, a window that says "If this is not the page to which you want to restore access, click here". Click on selected link and go to where you'll be asked to enter the phone number that you assigned to your page. Within a few minutes by phone will receive sms-message with the code. You will have to indicate in the next window. Then you will be prompted to enter the username and new password. Them later duplicate message to your phone number.
After surgery go to the home page and enter the updated data – login and password. Everything is ready. Now you can "meet" and at full chat in your favorite Vkontakte.
Don't send your this to log on to the website.

Do not go on the network on unknown links.

From time to time change your username and password.
Useful advice
At the time of registration on the website or on the restore page access include accurate data, so you do not make mistakes. Or duplicate them, creating the separate document or writing them in a notebook.

Advice 4 : How to lock someone else's Facebook page

Most often, the need to lock own page in social network "Vkontakte" arises when either the need for it disappears, or when enemies are trying to somehow embarrass the user. To make a lock not so difficult.
How to lock someone else's Facebook page
It should be noted that the administration of social network "Vkontakte" is highly undesirable to treat the blocking of foreign accounts. This is primarily due to the fact that the statistics of the website in such cases will fall, and as you know, Facebook likes to show people that they are popular. So it turns out that to block unwanted account, you will need a significant argument, that is a serious violation of the rules of the social network. If not, then to block the account are unlikely to succeed, although there are a few ways that help to implement his plan.

Violation of the rules of the site

As mentioned above, the administration is no problem to block users who violate the rules of the social network. Of course, these rules reads not everyone and even more people regularly violate them. The result is that the user wants to block another account can write to the administration of the social network "Vkontakte" a complaint. After it will be reviewed and if the administration is satisfied that the user broke the rules, it will immediately block.

Incorrect and inaccurate data

To block someone else's page "Vkontakte" it is possible, if the user specifies wrong or inaccurate data. That is, the user is required to find this information on the website of the detractors. For example, if the avatar is not a photo of the account owner, or if it is incorrect (false) information about yourself (name, etc.), then you can easily report a violation of the site rules and to demand the blocking of the account.


Copy-paste (the copied text) can also be the reason for the account blocking. This requires to find the website from which you copied the text and write the owner of the resource that his information was published in a social network "Vkontakte" a specific person (you need to specify the address of the page where is stored the text and address of the owner of the page). It should also send a complaint to the management. As a result of check account detractors is likely to block.

Illegal placement of materials

Illegal video or audio recordings are also a reason to block someone else's page. As you know, copyright is impossible to violate, and the use of pirated audio and video just break the law. The user simply write to admin that page to post unlicensed content that violates law.

Do not forget that in support of "Vkontakte" are working people. In the case of defamation or insults you, you can also ask to delete your account detractors. Most likely, the property will go into your position and listen to the request.
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