Signs a married man

If you are in love and already planning a serious relationship with him, try to look at his passport. So you can check whether the document of your choice stamp. However, it is better to do it quietly. For example, accidentally finding a passport on the table, quickly review. If you believe such a Ruse unethical act, you can directly ask your man if he is married. If his answer is not convincing, ask to see your passport. You can do it as though half-jokingly.

If the big weekend celebrations of your loved one is not constantly with you – it indicates that it cannot at this time someone to write, for example, his family.

Reason to doubt the sincerity of his serious intentions might be the fact that he never invites you to her house. Or just do not want you to stay with him overnight. In men this may be a good reason: he probably doesn't want the neighbors or the wife saw him with you.

Meeting in a rented apartment or hotel room is very romantic, but only when they do not have a permanent character. Explanation about how your lover now the house is being renovated, should alert you.

The appearance of a married man

To judge by the clothes – it's not quite right, however, to determine the marital status of your boyfriend is a great tool. So, what should pay attention. The average wife-husband looks neat, clean and well maintained. He won't have no dirty shirts and rumpled trousers or torn socks.

If you are always very neat and well-dressed man, it may indicate the following:
- he's married and his wife takes care of it;
his appearance followed the mother;
- he is so narcissistic that does not tolerate any negligence in your appearance.

Look at his ring finger. If your date is married and wears a wedding ring on his finger will remain a distinctive mark. If not, still be vigilant. Some men wear a ring only once in life – a wedding.

The typical behavior of married men

Being next to your chosen one do not forget for a while to remove "pink glasses". Feel free to ask him about why he suddenly canceled a date or invites. When the man says, observe his behaviour. If he tries not to look in the eye and giving you the runaround – this suggests that he is misleading you.

To find out whether the man is married, ask him to tell you his home phone number under the pretext that the mobile phone often fails to dial. If he has nothing to hide, such a request it does not confuse.

If you and your boyfriend will never visit a movie theater, popular clubs, restaurants and cafes, supermarkets – that could indicate that he doesn't want someone saw him with a woman.

Learn the truth about the man it is easy, for this you just need a little while to turn on their brains". If your partner has these symptoms, it is worth considering whether you need a relationship with him. And here it is not even that he's married, and that he's lying to you and blushes. False man, whether married or not, hardly capable of genuine relationships.