To change the nickname in your profile on the website "Vkontakte", connect to the Internet, go to the portal and fill in the box in the upper left corner own password and login. The username is often the email address. The password set by the user. Not to forget it, create a document that make complex usernames and passwords. Easier not to remember every time a combination of letters and numbers, just copy and paste it in the correct box.
To change the nickname of "Vkontakte", in the profile look for the link "My page". It is located in the main menu on the left, at the top. Next you will see a button "Red" written in light grey font. Go for it in the new menu. There you will be able to edit personal data - name, surname, gender, marital status, date of birth, hometown, etc.
Locate the General tab and change the name or the name of the nickname. With some time for writing, you can only use Russian letters. Latin is not displayed in the graphs. In addition, the nickname should be decent and not to repeat pseudonyms, surnames, names of movie stars, politicians and show-business.
Separate entries in the "Nickname" that was in the old version of the site no longer exists. Therefore, enter the alias will have in the box your name or your surname. The second line also needs to be filled.
Except the nickname on the tab "Main" you can change the composition of the family, on the next tab "Contacts" - specify the telephone number, website and email. On the tab "Interests" to describe their preferences and Hobbies, "Education" - specify the number of schools and education (so you can easily find classmates and schoolmates). You can also fill the lines on the "Career", "Service" and "position in Life".