Assign matchmaking on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. The Russian people in ancient times believed these days "light".
Keep the conversation with in-laws in long-established scheme. For example:
- Do you have pigs are corrupt?
- No!
- And the girls?
- There is one, but about yourself!
However, today's matchmakers are often directly misleading about the purpose of his visit.
Thank you for the attention and respect and invite them for the dinner table. Treats on the table must be generous and festive, despite the fact, will give you his consent to the wedding or not. This is the Russian custom. Not by chance is in the Russian language proverb: "Bad is good the groom will lead the way".
Remember that according to old traditions the girl on the matchmaking is not present. Ask for time to think in that case, if you for some reason dissatisfied with the sentence or you need time to learn about the family of the groom.
Even if the bride's parents are satisfied with the future groom all the rules of wedding etiquette it should not immediately agree. You need to take at least a symbolic time to think. Before giving consent, the bride's father asks the opinion of all family members. Then invited into a room where there are matchmakers, and daughter. Ask consent to marry her.
Deny always polite and considerate, don't insult either the groom or his relatives.
Invite friend to visit your home again if you agree to give a daughter in marriage. At the second visit the girl-bride takes part in the ritual of courtship. The groom should give flowers to the bride and her mother.
With the consent of parents to marriage of the daughter her father needs to put his daughter's right hand in the hand of the groom. Collusion is customary to fasten a gift to the bride.
Then visit the groom's parents, if they had not attended the matchmaking. The groom should formally introduce his bride with parents.
Assign the date of the engagement. At present the engagement of parents and the groom and the bride. Is on engagement and discussed details of the upcoming wedding, negotiations about the dowry and expenses, the number of guests from both sides.

Remember that the bride's parents provide her dowry. Dress, shoes, ring for future wife the rules have to buy the groom.