The storyline in "Matchmakers-5"

In "Matchmakers-5" the viewer can see how different the lives of the characters over the past 8 years. For example, Olga, was left alone. Yuri Kovalev died of a heart attack. Mary and max now live in Moscow. They are completely absorbed in work. Their eldest daughter, Zhenya became a goth, younger kids are quite uncontrollable and ill-mannered. And to solve this problem going to their grandmother and grandfather. They decided that on summer vacation grandchildren will come to them to re-kuchugury. The audience gets the opportunity to observe.

The cast

Compared with previous seasons the cast has changed somewhat. For example, the viewer won't see Anatoly Vasilyev, who plays the grandfather Yuri.
Anatoly Vasilyev has refused to star in "the Matchmakers" because of conflicts with Fedor Dobronravov and one of the Directors of the series.

In the frame you can see again mityaya with his family. Also San Sanych, his daughter and parents.

Fedor Dobronravov (Ivan), Tatyana Kravchenko (Valyukha), Lyudmila Artemyev (Olga) still remain the main actors of the series. Heroes waiting for an unexpected and striking turns in life. For example, the heroine of Tatyana Kravchenko, is to run your own business and learn to drive. Ivan is categorically not like it, and he will do everything in her way.

This season will again participate Alexander Feklistov in the role of the named Berkovich. His daughter will play the young actress Marina Serdechny. On the role of parents Berkowitz chose Emmanuel Vitorgan and Elena Safonov.

The role of the grown-up Genis writers have approved 17-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Anna Kosmal. This is her first shooting in the movie. She had to change her hair color: natural blonde she dyed her hair brunette.
Anna is very pleased to participate in this project as "Matchmakers" - a favorite series of her parents.

Eugene Kaporin (Leh) and Denis Shepotinnik (Cyril) played in this season the main suitors Eugene.

In several episodes the viewer will see and parents in Eugene, they played Inna the Queen and Daniel White. Scenario parents are very busy with their work. Because of this, they do not have time for their children. As the children left to themselves, they grow rude and uncooperative.

Twin children played Anna Polischuk and Konstantin Cernokrak. Amazing that two kids from different families who were not acquainted before the shoot, so believable in their roles. Never suspect that these kids have no relation to each other. The characters in the story are very calculating, cunning, have quite an adult composure and resourcefulness. They are quite advanced in technical innovations that allow them to manipulate adults and their peers.