You will need
  • Golden engagement ring with stones;
  • - bouquets of flowers;
  • - Banquet hall.
Talk to your parents about the engagement and the intention to get married. If matchmaking itself was not, be sure to check before engagement with the parents of the groom/bride, not to give them an unexpected surprise.
Arrange on the day of filing application to the authorities the meeting of the two wanting to marry into families for young congratulations with new title - the bride and groom. For the rite of betrothal order the tables in the restaurant, cafe and so Beautiful atmosphere, live music, lighting design will create an unforgettable atmosphere of celebration.Prepare bouquets of flowers for the bride and for her mother. This ritual will invite the closest family members – parents, sisters and brothers.
Announce their engagement. Ask the future father-in-law the bride's hand. After receiving the blessing of parents after hearing and congratulations on your engagement, invite all present to the festive table. And the bride give gold engagement ring with stones, it would be good with diamond. It will be passed to your family. Taken by the girl engagement ring says about her agreeing to marry you. After the wedding, she will wear it on top of the engagement ring.
Discuss at the holiday table the issues of the day of the wedding. Agree on distribution of responsibilities. Consider the questions on the wedding, the wedding venue, the services of toastmaster, overnight guests, photos and videosync. About the wedding rings, bouquets, wedding attire, the groom can talk in private conversation. After discussing important matters about the upcoming wedding, the parents of young exchange phone numbers and invite each other to visit.
Extend this festive evening alone. Congratulate on your engagement to your soul mate, gently touching her whispered assurances of eternal love. Very nice will be giving her a stash of her favorite cornflower bouquet or a garden Lily. Surprise her with something nice.Or with a noisy group of friends go to a nightclub. Send your friends invitations in advance so they were able to congratulate you on your engagement. The wedding day let intrigued friends at the last moment. At the end of the evening, delight your favorite beautiful fireworks in honor of her.Organize the engagement so that it necessarily ended in a big wedding. Followed let by a series of long, bright, happy years.