Advice 1: Where the film "Matchmakers"

Shooting the famous TV series "Matchmakers" happened not only in Russia but also in Ukraine. Some episodes were filmed in amazingly beautiful places of Turkey and Crimea.
Where the film "Matchmakers"
Audience favorite film "Matchmakers" has caused a lot of controversy about where he was shooting. In particular, many differences about the village of kuchugury. This name have at least two settlements: in the Krasnodar territory and the Voronezh region. The climate and nature in these settlements is almost no different, so the audience has any doubt which of them was the shooting of "Matchmakers"?

In a variety of forums, when in the process of communication revealed that the source resides in certain Kusuhara, he was asked to tell about the shooting process and what were your impressions. However, as it turns out, none of these items was not made a single take. All the shooting took place in Crimea. But not only there.

Where they filmed "the Matchmakers", and what

The first "Friend" was shot in Kiev. Svaty-2" - in Kiev and St. Petersburg. In the city on the Neva was filmed only a few scenes, the main base of the film was created in Ukraine. Many audience members themselves know where the third shot "the Matchmakers": the shot hit advertising, which is made in the Ukrainian language. This film is the final scene occurred at the airport "Borispol". The fourth part of the series was filmed in Yalta. Namely, in a small hotel, located in the middle of the Massandra Park.

In "Matchmakers-4" footage of the camp, where the rest of Eugene, was filmed in two suitable for this purpose areas: "Artek" and Kemer, which is located in Turkey. To be precise, the actors and crew were not in the city Kemer and 20 km on it. If we take as reference point the airport Antalya, in 7 km from it. The house by the sea where lived the in-laws Villa in Amara Dolce Vita.

The episodes with cable car where you ride Olga Aroseva and Vladimir Zeldin, starred in "AI-Petri". Frames with Kirkorov and other popular entertainers were filmed on the famous wine factory "Massandra". This facility is closed to the public, but for the "Matchmakers" made an exception. The beginning of the fifth film takes place in Moscow. Main shooting in Kiev and the surrounding area of this city. Svaty-6" was completely filmed in Kiev.

About the Ukrainian shooting

The decision that the main base of the film will be created in Crimea, the Ukrainian territory was taken for a reason. The premise was that the Crimea is famous for its climate and nature, has long been considered a land of legends, fine wine and an abundance of heat and sun. All shots of the series on Ukrainian soil was recorded only in early summer and autumn, because in these weather conditions the crew was easier to work with. In 2014 it is planned the release of the seventh part of the "Matchmakers".

Advice 2 : Whether to remove "Svaty 7"?

Fans of the series "Matchmakers" in Russia and CIS more than enough. Television ratings from this good family Comedy for the past six seasons through the roof. During this time, the characters of the series became for his fans his family. However, the fate of the seventh season of "Matchmakers" is not so clear.
Whether to remove "Svaty 7"?

The creators of the series "Matchmakers" after filming the sixth season decided to put an end to this kind of history. Director Andrey Yakovlev, as well as the producers of the show felt that the "Matchmakers" is already exhausted: all that could show is already shown. Then a large army of fans of the show decided to stand up for him. The leadership of the Studio "Kvartal 95", which removes the "Matchmakers", has already received a petition from fans, which States that "Svaty 7" should be! Activists have even created a group in one of social networks in support of the series and hard to bring together his fans from around the world. Fans are collecting signatures to Svaty 7 were removed. By the way, at the moment, scores of about eight thousand signatures.

Earlier, the Director and actors of "the Matchmakers" confidently stated, that the sixth season of the history of families Budko-Berkovica complete. However, after this season on television the show became a real champion for the rating. And then the creators had to think about. However, some skeptics claim: the authors of the series especially "muddy the waters", once again pushing his creation.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Zelensky, one of the producers of "the Matchmakers", said recently that the crew is seriously considering a continuation of the series. However, nothing concrete Zelensky said. He only stated that the final decision makers will be a surprise for fans of the series.

Recently it became known that the Studio "Kvartal 95" started preparations for the filming of the series, previously planned as a "Tales mityaya 2". It was planned to shoot in a format loved by all "Matchmakers" and with the participation of the same actors. However, now with the name of the project remains an open question. Would it be the "Tales mityaya 2" or "Svaty 7", it is not so important. The important thing is that, most likely, "Svaty 7" will be removed!

Advice 3 : Who starred in "Matchmakers-5"

"Matchmakers" is an entertaining series that's loved by all family members: both parents and children. It is nice to gather the whole family in the evening watching TV, watching favorite actors. This is not surprising because the cast was selected with great care.
Who starred in "Matchmakers-5"

The storyline in "Matchmakers-5"

In "Matchmakers-5" the viewer can see how different the lives of the characters over the past 8 years. For example, Olga, was left alone. Yuri Kovalev died of a heart attack. Mary and max now live in Moscow. They are completely absorbed in work. Their eldest daughter, Zhenya became a goth, younger kids are quite uncontrollable and ill-mannered. And to solve this problem going to their grandmother and grandfather. They decided that on summer vacation grandchildren will come to them to re-kuchugury. The audience gets the opportunity to observe.

The cast

Compared with previous seasons the cast has changed somewhat. For example, the viewer won't see Anatoly Vasilyev, who plays the grandfather Yuri.
Anatoly Vasilyev has refused to star in "the Matchmakers" because of conflicts with Fedor Dobronravov and one of the Directors of the series.

In the frame you can see again mityaya with his family. Also San Sanych, his daughter and parents.

Fedor Dobronravov (Ivan), Tatyana Kravchenko (Valyukha), Lyudmila Artemyev (Olga) still remain the main actors of the series. Heroes waiting for an unexpected and striking turns in life. For example, the heroine of Tatyana Kravchenko, is to run your own business and learn to drive. Ivan is categorically not like it, and he will do everything in her way.

This season will again participate Alexander Feklistov in the role of the named Berkovich. His daughter will play the young actress Marina Serdechny. On the role of parents Berkowitz chose Emmanuel Vitorgan and Elena Safonov.

The role of the grown-up Genis writers have approved 17-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Anna Kosmal. This is her first shooting in the movie. She had to change her hair color: natural blonde she dyed her hair brunette.
Anna is very pleased to participate in this project as "Matchmakers" - a favorite series of her parents.

Eugene Kaporin (Leh) and Denis Shepotinnik (Cyril) played in this season the main suitors Eugene.

In several episodes the viewer will see and parents in Eugene, they played Inna the Queen and Daniel White. Scenario parents are very busy with their work. Because of this, they do not have time for their children. As the children left to themselves, they grow rude and uncooperative.

Twin children played Anna Polischuk and Konstantin Cernokrak. Amazing that two kids from different families who were not acquainted before the shoot, so believable in their roles. Never suspect that these kids have no relation to each other. The characters in the story are very calculating, cunning, have quite an adult composure and resourcefulness. They are quite advanced in technical innovations that allow them to manipulate adults and their peers.
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