The rite of betrothal in the history of

In Russia the engagement was called Rockbiter, collusion, predvajanjem. The term "engaged" means to agree, to collude. The Bible engagement called a betrothal. This ancient ritual is rooted in the old Testament and means a preliminary agreement between the lovers and their parents about the upcoming wedding.
From the day of engagement, a man and a woman is called the bride and groom.

On this day, the guy gave his girlfriend a ring and proposed to marry. If she returned the gift back to the owner, it means that there is a negative response, if accepted, the young went to her parents to ask for their blessing. The fathers of a boy and a girl commit ritual rumbita, and after him to terminate the agreement only by paying a large sum taxed for causing family humiliation and shame.

An engagement ring is a symbol of serious intentions of the groom. According to Russian customs, it is worn on the ring finger of the right hand together with the wedding and wedding.

Rich layers of the population arranged betrothal a big reception with dancing, many foods. In the midst of the feast the bridegroom did offer and recognize the response of his beloved.

Engagement today

In today's life the rite of betrothal respect is not all couples. And the views on it there are at least two. Some consider engagement to the date of application to the Registrar. And then there is notification of friends and acquaintances. Relatives are usually informed in advance about the upcoming event.

In the second case, the betrothal is called the day when the guy proposing to the girl, and with her consent, the couple informs the family about his intention to get married. If their parents do not have time to meet, then at the party have the option of sharing the feast. The reception on the occasion suits traditionally the bride's family.

Since the announcement of the engagement until the day of the wedding ceremony usually takes from 3 months to half a year. It happens that the term reduce, but to increase it is undesirable. It is believed that one of the lovers may change their mind to do such a serious step is to enter into a formal marriage.
Currently the engagement to break much easier than in the past. No obligation except a moral, it is not intended.

During the time from engagement to wedding day, the relatives of the couples to discuss organizational and financial issues, carry out preparatory activities, invite guests. Many wealthy and famous people make announcements about the engagement in the media – on television, in the Newspapers.