Help the groom to choose the suit for the celebration. Select the best color scheme, because some refuse to classic black outfits. If good with cars, along with the groom book the transport for the wedding. The appearance of the car, of course, important, but safety, reliability, comfort and serviceability — moments, which also should be paid attention to.
Prepare some good toast. Practice at home in front of the mirror to the wedding day confusion took over and you forgot an important word, though invented on the move and spoken from the heart often sounds better than memorized standard phrase.
On the eve of the wedding organize the bachelor party. So it is farewell of the groom with a free single life. Think of interesting and exciting scenario of the evening to bachelor party turned into a banal booze.
On the day of the celebration to ensure that the groom forgot to take the check passport, ring, bouquet, champagne and glasses. Then it will travel to the bride's house. With honor and humor come through all the trials that have prepared the bridesmaids, led by maid of honor. As ransom bring candy, champagne, money, flowers — all that used to giving women. Tricky and bargain to appease the groomsmen and groom to help break through "protection" on the way to betrothed.
In the registry office leave a signature in the book of registration of acts of civil status. Young pour champagne and support a new family traditional loud cry of "Gorko!"
At the table sit next to the bride — because you have to look after a lady. Don't take your eyes off her, because there will be many willing to steal a slipper or very young wife.
If you still are unable to protect the bride from the ceremony of "abduction", along with a bridesmaid and a groom take part in all the competitions.
For holiday go solo entertainer. If you get bored, invite them to the dance floor, ask the toastmaster to hold a contest, or organize themselves to some kind of game.
Do not leave the wedding until the hall will not leave the last guest.