Analyze the situation. It must be done quickly, assessing the situation. It is not always the case in the absence of courage – maybe now is not the time or the place for Dating. But you can understand it, being directly in that situation.
Rate your appearance. When meeting one glance is enough to understand, should it continue or is it better now turn around, and go in the opposite direction. So if you are not sure which look amazing, maybe we should postpone the meeting at a more convenient case, because a second chance may not be.
Think about what to say. In order not to stumble, not to look stupid and ridiculous, at least try to imagine that you can say that the acquaintance began and continued.
Don't forget about humor. Many girls appreciate guys that feeling, besides it will help to ease the situation and contribute to the warm familiarity. But remember that humor should not be excessive, not vulgar and not Intrusive.
Keep your distance. Remember about the basic rules of etiquette: speak with respect, do not come and sit down so close that the girl will hesitate or will be forced to make a comment, do not ignore her interests (if she's listening to music, reading a book or talking to someone, then apologize for interrupting her and only then talk about what was planned), do not impose, if the girl has made it clear that he does not want to meet.
Do compliments. Let them be sincere and honest. She may not react to the words that her eyes sparkle like diamonds, and will appreciate the fact that you will notice the warmth of her smile or a gentle tone of voice.
Help the girl. If she carries a heavy bag or it makes her uncomfortable to go on the slippery road, then focus on how to help her, not that as soon as possible to meet. Your actions she will appreciate it more than words and compliments.
Act boldly. Don't let shyness deprive you of the chance to get acquainted with the girl, caught your heart. If the situation and circumstances have to familiarity, no need to wait for a happier occasion.