Keep it simple. You can just dial the phone and ask how she's doing. Ask, how is your day, be involved and care. If you are not a supporter of talking on the phone, invite her to a meeting. For this advance keep in mind that there are spending time together.
Think of the occasion on which you can call. It should not be something complicated or serious. Just ask her advice about cooking any meals or combinations of shirt and jeans. And to start up a conversation.
Think about what you would like to know about the girl. Ask about her Hobbies, what movies and music she loves. Ask questions to get better acquainted. Remember that the conversation should not turn into an interrogation. Alternate questions with a fun and relaxed stories about himself and his Hobbies. May the girl interesting philosophical arguments from the "is There life on Mars?" Throw her a couple of interesting ideas on this subject.
There are also guidelines on what to do. Avoid swear words, vulgarity, sensitive topics. Don't be too blatant and persistent, if she for some reason decided not to answer the question. It is also important to find out its financial situation or to discuss with her her friends or other women. Thyself what is not. If you want to chat with a girl on, lie will certainly show up, because the words are checked. Exposing themselves in a favorable light, do not overdo it with benefits. It can supply new friend to a standstill, and she will not find how to respond. Same goes for too Intrusive and many compliments to girls. Keep it simple and say more on neutral topics.
If you are very worried, scribble on paper a small discussion of three or four points. When the conversation begin to appear pause, direct the conversation in a new direction.
Knowing the interests of the girl, suggest that she was interested. If she likes to walk, get her to ride on the boat on the lake. Lover of ice cream and popcorn will fit a joint campaign in the movie. If a girl loves history and culture, invite her to watch a recently opened exhibition.