What is the code word?

The code word is control information necessary for identification of the Bank customer on the phone. The need for it arises, as a rule, in cases of emergency, for example, when you lock a card as lost or stolen. In addition, many banks are, after client identification according to the code word can over the phone to provide information about the account balance or recent transactions.

As the code words can be used not only a word but an arbitrary combination of letters and numbers. Not recommended as a code word to use publicly available information, e.g., names, their, or any of the relatives, dates of birth, names of Pets. In order that the client could easily recall even a compound word, the operator of the Bank usually asks a security question, which should remind the customer, what's the word he chose.

Code word invented by the client and fits in with the application for registration of a plastic card. Most often, the customer can choose any word, but sometimes the Bank employee gives you a choice of several standard key issues. It is better to think of a password yourself, as the answer to many favorite question "mother's maiden name," you know not only you, but at least your relatives.

The code word must be kept secret the same way as the pin code, because only it will help you in case of an emergency, for example, when theft of your card urgently to block them to prevent illicit use by attackers.


If you have forgotten your code word, it is necessary to change. It's enough to come to the Bank branch where you were issued the Bank card with the identity document, and write a statement to change the control information.

If you suspect that someone else knows has become a code word will immediately notify the Bank employees by telephone or in person, then you will also need to arrange the code words.

To apply to restore or change the control information at the same Bank branch where you received your card, otherwise you will have to wait longer, as the office where you applied will send a request to the Department that was issued the card. And only after approval of all details, the Bank will be able to fulfill customer's request.