You will need
  • passport, Bank card, Bank
The number of the Bank card and customer account with the Bank are not one and the same. And if the number of cards you can learn, just by looking at it, then your account number person often does not know or has no idea how to find it. If you still have the documents (pin, etc) that the Bank issued upon receipt of the card, it's very simple. In these documents you will find your account on which you receive the money you withdraw from a credit card. The Bank is obliged when issuing card to give you details of the Bank where the card you received and details of your personal account. Do not confuse the Bank account and your expense.
If for some reason the documents have not survived, believe me, not all so sad. The Bank which issued your card stores all the details and find out your personal account in any Bank branch. And to make it as directly to the branch where the card was obtained, and in any branch of the same Bank anywhere in the city. You need to come personally to you or your representative. You must have a passport and Bank card account number which you want to learn. Apply in turn to any employee of the Bank you are interested in the question at the same time presenting a passport and a map, and get the answer. Immediately when you you will give detailed information. Any statements in this writing will be required.
There is another way to find out a personal account card number. Some banks at the present time for the convenience of customers provide service – Bank online. It can help to find information of interest, and to use some services. The online Bank allows you to from home using the Internet to find out the account number on the card. However, this is possible if you are connected to such a service or know how to use it, because the service at any Bank still confidential and requires personal presence to avoid losing money.