You will need
  • Documents to the SIM card.
To begin to talk about what is the puk code. This code applies only to limitation of actions the SIM card and is used as a major Supplement to the code PIN. So you got a better idea of the scope of this code should regard the situation on a concrete example.
Each subscriber can limit the use of your phone number, setting it on the limit PIN. This limitation is triggered in a situation where the SIM card used with another phone. That number was active on the other device, the subscriber enters the PIN code when it is enabled. In that case, if the pin code is entered correctly, the room is activated. If PIN is entered incorrectly more than three times, it locks automatically.
After locking the main pin, the device requires an additional input (PIN2). If additional code is entered incorrectly multiple times, it is lock. The PUK code is for unlocking the SIM card PIN. To re-gain access to the room the device is switched on, the subscriber you need to enter the puk code. It is also worth noting that the PUK can be useful when you change a blocked PIN code.
He puk code, the subscriber can see on the plastic case SIM card. This case offered at the time of purchase of the phone number. In addition to information about the puk code, it also shows PIN. If you have lost access to the map, for clarification PUK code, it is recommended to contact the helpdesk of your mobile operator.