Purchase at the hardware store appliance CRAB (Cable Splitter Subscriber's Household), having one input and three outputs. Instead, you can buy the same branded splitter. Most common among them are Polish and German.
Choosing a splitter, note the upper limit of its frequency range. Cable operators of today, often because of lack of space uses the high frequency channels of the UHF range. They are able to adjust not just the TV, and the producers of splitters on the existence of these channels can and not suspect at all. The boundaries of the frequency range is usually indicated on the appliance or in its instruction.
Pass the wires from the TV to the place of installation. At the ends of all the cables from the TV set antenna plugs, but the TV do not connect them yet. It is very important that the plugs was not connected during the installation to any of their devices, otherwise you can hit by the current flowing through suppression capacitors of the power supplies. The place of installation select this to hold the cable from the antenna.
Connecting cables to the Crab make depending on its design. Some of them have nests, designed for connecting ordinary plugs - then all cables should also be provided from the splitter plugs. Other devices (mainly German, firms Luxmann) equipped with screw jacks. In this case there is wear on the cable nut and then cleaned. Then insert the center core into the hole of the screw socket, then screw the nut so that the braid was pressed against the nut to the housing. The Crab classic design, remove the lid, after which, depending on the model, solder the braid and center conductors to appropriate contact pads or secure them with the screws.
In all cases, connect the cable from the antenna to the input terminal or combination of terminals and the rest by the weekend.
Connect the plugs to off of network TV (if they are connected with VCRs, iPods, and other devices and unplug them) and then turn them on again to the network. Make sure that a quality signal from the antenna is supplied to all three devices.