Buy two segments of a shielded cable. At length they must match the distance from the receiver to the second TV.
Unplug it from the receiver, both TVs, and all other connected external devices. Unplug both the cables of the TV collective antenna.
Check the Pinout of the RCA connector: circular contact common wire, pin contact - entry or exit.
Check the Pinout of the SCART connector: 3 - audio output 4 - ground audio 6 - audio input, 17 - ground video 19 - video out 20 - video input.
Expand the connector body, connected to the output jacks of your satellite receiver. The first cable, connect in parallel the available connected to the audio output of the receiver and the first audio input of the TV. On the opposite side connect it to the audio input of the TV.
The first video input of the TV, unplug from the outlet of the receiver, then reconnect, but not directly, but via 75 Ohm resistor. The second cable connect to the video output of the receiver, and also connecting it to the Central vein via 75 Ohm resistor. On the opposite side connect to a video input on the second TV.
Close the housings of all connectors. Apply power to all devices. Power them on. On both TVs select those low-frequency inputs, to which the receiver is connected. The last setting for a particular channel, make sure you have picture and sound on both TVs.
Accept the fact that you can change channels on the receiver can only one family member, in whose room it is installed. Or use a special factory or home-made device to transfer signals of remote control cable to another room. But then it may be unhappy to turn to him in whose room the receiver. Sometimes you can look at one of the TVs satellite channel, and the other essential.